1-3-2-6 System - the system of a positive progression

1-3-2-6 System is a positive progression system similar to the Paroli System. The main premise of this system is that you may win four times in a row. In the first step you bet 1 unit, in the second - 3 units, in the third - 2 units and finally in the fourth step - 6 units of money. If you lose at any step you start all over again at 1 unit (then 3 units and so on). The odds should be close to 2 and the winning chance of a single event should be close to 50%.


The odds of every event are equal 2.

You bet 1 USD. You win 2 USD.
You bet 3 USD (you have to add 1 USD extra). You win 6 USD.
You bet 2 USD (you take down 4 USD from the betting amount). You win 4 USD.
You bet 6 USD (you have to add 2 USD extra).

It is clear that if you lose the first bet you will lose 1 USD. If you lose your second bet you will lose 2 USD (1 from the first bet and 1 from the second bet). If you lose your third bet you will win 2 USD. If you lose your fourth bet you will be breaking even on the whole.

Value bets system is a special system which you should know about. It is quite simple - after choosing the event and the bet details you choose the right bookmaker to make a bet at. You know that bookmakers offers different odds on the same event - the value bets system consists in the choosing the bookmaker which offers the highest stake on the chosen event.

If you decided to bet on the Dallas Mavericks playing versus New Orleans Hornets and you noticed that Bwin offers 1.60 and Expekt offers 1.70 on Dalas it is not worth to place the bet at Bwin.

The value bets system may be easy combined with many other betting systems.

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