The purpose of this system is to take a starting "bank" of money and steadily increase it on a week to week basis, using a very clever and somewhat unusual method of staking.
This system is not based on any in-depth study and record keeping. It is very simple to use. It is based on a sound staking strategy. In fact you don't need to produce a high strike rate of winners for this plan to work, a hit rate of one in six is good enough!
Now although the system is based on clever staking, we still need to select horses to bet on. As you will see further on, the horses we select to bet on have to be within certain prices ranges. One day we will need to find a 2/1 shot, another we may need a 4/1 chance etc. (You will understand why when you have finished studying the system)
Obviously we appreciate that finding winners at any price is never easy and trying to find a winner at particular odds is exceptionally difficult.. However remember that as this system requires such a low level of winners, all we really need to locate each day for the bets, are horses at approximately the correct prices, which are in with a reasonable chance of winning. So long as now and again one returns as a winner, the system will work, without the worry of having to hit a high strike-rate.
If you are not confident about picking horses yourself, here's what we suggest; Follow the advises of one or two reliable tipsters out of your daily paper. If the system requires a 4/1 shot for that days bet, find a horse from the tipsters daily lists which is approximately around the price desired.
Now that we have explained the selection requirements, lets turn to the crux of the system, the betting plan.
In most staking plans the backer is required to increase stakes after each loser. It is usually hoped that the eventual winner will return enough to pay off the loses to date and still yeild a profit. This idea is full of problems. Continually increasing stakes during a losing run will soon see you needing to bet very, very high stakes to return even a small profit. However with the 10K system, stakes gradually diminish as each week goes by whilst the odds of horses backed increase! In this way we overcome the fundamental deficiencies of the usual type of staking system.
The staking plan works like this:
On Monday and Tuesday of each betting week, you look to back a 2/1 shot. On the Wednesday and Thursday you back 4/1 shots and on Friday and Saturday of each week you stake on 6/1 shots. The price requirements for each particular day applies regardless of the number of winners and losers you back.
At the start of each week divide your betting bank up into 20 equal parts. Each part is one unit. Now you stake on the horses each day as follows.
Remember at the end of each , total up your bank and then divide up the total by twenty to give you your new "unit" for the following week.
With this system, if you only get one winner on the week, the most you can lose is up to three units, however if just two horses go in, depending to some extent which ones win, you will see a profit on the week of between three and seven units.
Two winners out of six in not too much to expect, some weeks you will hit three or four winners! So it should average out at around five units each week, will see your bank increase by around 25% each week. That will turn a starting bank of £5000 into more than £10,000 in just fifteen betting weeks. Just stick to the plan, and leave any winnings in the bank until the fifteen weeks are up, then you can spend the profits.

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