The 7 Match Banker Bet

Based on the Yankee, but this transforms the bet. Select seven matches as banker bets, and clearly mark them on your Betting slip a b c d e f g, seven Yankees, abcf, abde, aceg, adfg, bcdg, befg, cdef. 5 winners from your seven selections will guarantee a successful Yankee. Six winners will guarantee three winning yankees, seven winners obviously guarantees seven winning yankees. Just four winners can give you a winning yankee. Two or three winners will give us consolation doubles and trebles.
Important - I always add one extra point, writing on my slip, a one point win accumulator, all seven teams. I have got the bet up on several occasions and the returns can be enormous. I personally use this bet every weekend, and do the full bet three times.
1. Bankers
2. Mid Range
3. Speculative
Staking accordingly: i.e. Bankers 77 times £3, Mid Range 77 times £2, and Speculative 77 times £1. Stake proportionately 1, 2/3, 1/3, i.e. 77 bets @ 30p, 77 bets @ 20p, 77 bets @ 10p

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