Amazing Secret System

The system is quite simple. As you glance through your paper looking for any horses with the form figures 111 or 1 and 2 in their last three races make a note of any race with two qualifiers only.
You then back both horses in that race at level stakes. Thats the system pure and simple. Believe me you get some nice priced winners. For example at Cheltenham 1994 there were three races that qualified and they produced two winners at 16/1 and 4/1. Stakes 60 points, returns 220 points. Not bad.
I suggest that where the shortest priced qualifier is quoted less than 2/1 you place the full stake on the other qualifier, it will almost certainly increase your returns.
10 points on each qualifier, if one less than 2/1 in betting place full 20 points on other qualifier

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