The Amazing Two Win Singles Bet

Bookmakers do not promote this bet. In fact, you may, as this has happened to me so many times, encounter betting shop managers who do not either know of, or how to settle this bet. But it is legal, and legitimate. Any problems either placing, staking, or settling this bet, tell the manager to refer to head office. Some managers will not like the bet, as it will make them look stupid, but who cares. The trick is in how the bet is written and staked. We use the phrase, ‘ stop at a winner’. It does not matter if you use this bet for either, football, racing, or even one football match and one horse race. Use a plain betting slip. This is important.
This is an example of how to write out the bet
Man Utd 1/3 to beat Charlton £100 win
Arsenal 4/6 to beat Newcastle £300 win
‘Stop at a winner’
Total stake £400
That is all you need to write on the slip
Separate Slip
Arsenal 4/6 to beat Newcastle £100 win
Man Utd 1/3 to beat Charlton £300 win
‘Stop at a winner’
Total stake £400
So above is an example of how to bet two selections. Two win bet selections, Be it football, racing, or one football match and one horse race. The key is the instruction, ‘stop at a winner’. Stop at a winner bets are settled in the order that they are written, not the times of the events so the bet is always, two win singles, with an outlay of eight betting points. Obviously, unused stakes are returned.
Settlement of the above bet. Let’s look at all outcomes.
1. Arsenal win and Man Utd lose
On the first slip our £l00 on Man Utd is lost, and our £300 on Arsenal wins,
£300 at 4/6 returns £500
On our second slip our £100 on Arsenal at 4/6 wins, returning £166.67, stop at a winner. Arsenal win so the bet stops. And our £300 stake on Man Utd is returned. Total return £466.67.
So in this example, we lay out eight betting points, we find one winner at 4/6, and one loser at 1-3, staking £800 in total. Our total return is £966.67. A profit of £166,67 on the bet, or a profit of 1.66 betting points, with a 1-3 loser!
Another way of looking at this, is laying out the whole £800 in two £400 win singles on Man Utd at 1-3 and Arsenal at 4/6, the same stake as the above bet. You would lose £400 on Man Utd, £400 on Arsenal at 4/6 returns £666.66, a loss of £133.34, or a loss of 1.33 betting points. This is how clever staking turns things around.
Lets settle the bet with Man Utd winning at 1-3, and Arsenal losing at 4-6. On our first slip £100 on Man Utd at 1-3 wins, returning £133.33. Stop at a winner. So the bet stops. Our £300 on Arsenal is returned. Total Return £433.33.
On our second slip £100 on Arsenal at 4-6 loses, £300 on Man Utd at 1-3 wins, returning £400, so with just one winner at 1/3 from two selections, we still get a return of £833.33, not a great profit, but a profit £33.33 none the less.
Compare that to having two £400 win singles, at 4-6, and 1-3, and finding just one winner at 1-3. £400 Arsenal at 4/6 loses, £400 Man Utd at 1-3 wins. Returns £533.33. You would have laid out £800 to lose £266.67.
As opposed to making a profit of £33.33 staking my way.
Now lets look at what happens if both our selections win.
Bet 1. £100 Man Utd at 1-3 wins, returns £133.33 stop at a winner, so the £300 staked on Arsenal is returned, total return £433.33
Bet 2. £100 Arsenal at 4-6 wins, returns £166.67, stop at a winner, so the £300 staked on Man Utd is returned, total return £466.67.
Total return from both bets £433.33, plus £466.67, equals £900. A profit of £100, or one betting point.
You should have spotted that is less profit than just finding one 4/6 winner. As in the earlier example, with just Arsenal winning at 4-6, we made a profit of £166.67.
When did you last have a bet on two singles, where having a loser actually makes the bet more profitable!
Can I make it clear, with this bet the money values I have used are just as an example. You do not need to bet in hundreds. The bet can be done to what ever you like - the profits, pro rata, are the same.
It will always be a bet staking 8 betting points, and you can work it to whatever point value you like. The most important point to understand, and this bet really is simple, once you understand it, is that it is simply written on two separate plain betting slips, always one point on the first selection, three points on the second selection. And whichever selections you put on the first betting slip, change them around on the second slip, always writing clearly.........
‘ stop at a winner’ underneath your instructions.
Remember, the above example is using prices of 1-3, and 4-6. Let’s use an example with two 2-1 shots.
1. Barnsley 2-1 to beat Wolves £100 win
Millwall 2-1 to beat Coventry £300 win
2. Millwall 2-1 to beat Coventry £100 win
Barnsley 2-l to beat Wolves £300 win
Again, exactly the same instructions, as already explained, two separate slips, with the instructions ‘ stop at a winner’
In this example, as we have used identical prices. 2/1 for each selection, so if either Barnsley or Millwall win, the returns for either will be the same. So if we get one 2-l winner and one 2-1 loser, let’s use Barnsley as an example:
Slip one.
£100 win Barnsley at 2-1 returns £300, stop at a winner. So £300 is returned from the Millwall bet, total return £600
Slip two.
£100 win Millwall loses, £300 Barnsley at 2-1 returns £900. Returns from both bets are £900 plus £600, equals a total return from both bets, of £1500, finding just one 2-1 winner, and one 2-1 loser.
We staked 8 betting points, in this case at £100 a point, we staked £800, and got a return of £1500, a profit of £700.
If you had just bet two £400 win singles, staking the same £800, and found one 2-1 winner, and a 2-1 loser, your return would have been only £1200, a profit of £400. But that is £300 less than my way.
And in this instance, if we find two 2-1 winners, each bet returns £600, a total of £1200, for a £400 profit, exactly the same as having two £400 win singles. But, can I repeat, staking my way, if we only find one 2-1 winner, and our other 2-l selection loses, we make an extra £300, if one loses!!!

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