Betfred is the World’s biggest owner-operator bookmaker with a retail estate of over 840 shops and a call centre employing 100 people. Bookmakers offering online sports betting, online poker and casino games. The company is the UK’s fourth biggest bookmaker with an annual turnover of approximately 4 billion pounds. Betfred is owned and operated by Fred Done who started with just one shop in Salford in 1967. Back then Betfred differentiated itself by offering excellent customer value and excellent service. These principles are still at the heart of the business and that’s why Betfred is called the ‘Bonus King.’ No other high street bookmaker offers daily bonuses and price boosts like Betfred.
Betfred is a United Kingdom-based bookmaker, named after its co-founder Fred Done. It was first established as a single shop in Ordsall, Salford, in 1967. Its turnover is over £3.5 billion having risen from £550 million in 2003.The company has more than 840 betting shops.

Its head office is in Birchwood, Warrington. The managing director is John Haddock who started with the company as a regional manager.

Fred Done was the first ever bookmaker to pay out early, when back in March 1998 he paid out punters who had backed Manchester United to win the Premier League, only for Arsenal to pip United by one point.

Type Private
Industry Betting and gaming
Founded 1967
Headquarters Warrington

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