Betting System "Halftime/Fulltime"

With this betting system we will use match statistics and some football match facts.

Half of the football games are drawn at halftime and half of the football matches end with a homewin.

We will be betiing on Halftime/Fulltime or HT/FT (9 possible outcomes) where our bet "draw/homewin" or HT/FT X/1 with approximate odds @5,0 presents a profitable option.

How does the system work?

Let`s pick 4 games with homewin odds between @1,50 and @2,0. If we permutate our HT/FT bets we get:

4 single bets with 20 units staked on each, 6 doubles with 15 units staked on each, 4 trebles with 10 units staked on each and a 4-fold with a 5 unit stake.

Our total stake is therefore 215 units and our return will be: with one correct bet a little less than half of our stake, with two correct bets 575 units, with three correct bets 2675 units and if we get all four right we will get massive 10775 units.

You will be surprised how many times you will get two or three correct bets. Pick the games carefully, be disciplined and you shall have a great success.

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