This system throws out winners consistently and each horse must be backed each way - no matter what the price. All you need is the DAILY MIRROR and it takes 2 minutes to find these winners - sometimes six in one day!
Look for the TOP SPOTTED HORSE (black dot after the rating) and if it is rated 32 (must only be 32) with the black dot then see if both tipsters select this horse (newsboy and bouverie) = if they do then 99 TIMES!!! Out of 100 this horse will be placed - if not win.
I’ve used this system a lot to make fantastic profits and its great for placepot, jackpot, and scoop 6 punters. You will be amazed though so simple.
Staking Method
Each Way level stakes betting is advised and when your betting bank doubles in size, double your stakes. You will soon find yourself betting to high stakes and making weekly profits when using The Daily Mirror Cash Machine System.
Alternative Staking method
If you prefer backing win singles rather than each-way betting then this is no problem. You can back selections to straight win bets unless the S.P forecast is greater than 5/1 in which case, I strongly advise you to back them eachway.
Try the system over a period of at least 1 month to see the true potential of my system. You will have some good runs and some bad runs along the way, that is inevitable with horse racing but overall you will see a steady rise in your betting bank month by month I sincerely hope that this system is as profitable for you as it has been for me over the years!

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