THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM offers you the chance to assess each horses form and to produce your own simple, but accurate ratings. You do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to operate this system successfully. Any ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse racing section will be more than adequate for our needs. The basis for THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM originates from a method that was devised over 70 years ago by one of the first truly professional backers, and as far as I am aware the original method has been in constant use, by a few fortunate people, since it’s introduction all those years ago, and so, therefore, I believe that we can safely assume that this has more than stood the test of time! It was only ever passed on by word of mouth, in fact any interested parties were invited, and then only at the sole discretion of the Originator of the plan, along to a series of presentations, paying a fee for each session. They were, by all accounts, very successful, and those fortunate enough to attend doubtless went on their way armed with their new found knowledge and plagued the Bookmakers for many years. THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM is a greatly enhanced version of this earlier system and has, over the past twenty or so years that it has been in use, provided the user with consistent profits every season.
SELECTION METHOD. THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM can be used with equal success during both the Flat and National Hunt seasons. All meetings are considered, but eliminate the following types of races: Selling: Apprentice: Ladies: National Hunt Flat: All other types of races now qualify for consideration. Once we have our short list of races to concentrate on, take each race in turn and award FORM POINTS for the last THREE runnings of each horse. The FORM POINTS are as follows: RUN LAST OUTING LAST BUT ONE LAST BUT TWO
WIN 9 6 3
SECOND 6 4 2
THIRD 3 2 1

Horse A 012 FORMRATINGS 0+6+6=12
Horse B 113 FORMRATINGS 3+6+3=12
Horse C 001 FORMRATINGS 0+0+9= 9
Horse D 113 FORMRATINGS 3+6+3=12
Horse E 212 FORMRATINGS 2±6+6=14
Horse F 001 FORMRATINGS 0+0+9= 9

As you can see Horse E is clear top rated with 14 FORM POINTS. On the occassions when more than one horse is rated the same, take the horse with the shortest price in the betting forecast as your selection. Repeat the above procedure for all the qualifying races.
STAKING ADVICE. It has always been recommended that level stakes be used with THE CURTIS RATING SYSTEM. Excellent profits are indeed attained by level stakes, but do feel at liberty to use you own staking system if you so wish.

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