Here is quite an old yet remarkably effective system that shows a level stakes profit most months. Prices vary from odds-on to 4/1 and the longest losing run since April 2001 has been just 6 on one occassion.
Paper: Racing Post
Examine the 'selection box' of tipsters for each in the Racing Post. For a selection to qualify it must be tipped by the first four tipsters in the 'selection box'. That is, it must be the selection of Postmark, Postdata, Topspeed and Spotlight.
No bet in handicap races, nurseries, claimers, sellers, amateur or apprentice races.
Starting with a £1,000 bank in April 2001, you would now have a bank of over £10,000 using this system and the 'stepper' staking plan. Level stakes bets of £100 would have returned a profit of over £3,300

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