Dynamite Doubles

1. Select any race from the days meeting where the betting forecast points to a clear two horse race, i.e.. the first two in the betting must be at least two points clear of the third favourite. The favourite might be around 6/4 and the second favourite 2/1. The next horse in the betting might be around 4/1 or better.In essence we are looking for a race where the likely winner will be either of two horses with the remainder much less likely.
Avoid using odds on horses. We need two short priced horses, but not so short as to reduce the return. Should more than one race look a likely prospect, use the one with fewest runners. This obviously reduces the danger of an outsider winning.
These horses we will call Horse A and Horse B.
2. The next step is a little easier. Locate the race with the fewest runners where the favourite is 9/4 or better. Most days you will find a race with between six and nine runners suitable. We will use the first three in the betting forecast for our bet. These may be priced at,say, 9/4, 3/1 and 7/2.
These we will call Horse C, Horse D and Horse E
3. We now combine our selections in six doubles, with an equal stake on each. The doubles are: AC, AD, AE, BC, BD, BE
To win, we obviously need one of our first two to win AND one of the other three. Remember that we have picked the most fancied horses (as defined by the true experts - the bookies) so we should see a winning bet most days.

How to write your bet

3.10 York

Horse A

Horse B

4.25 Kempton

Horse C

Horse D

Horse E

2 x 3 = 6 Doubles at £1.00 = £6.00 Staked

Stake £6.00

Tax £0.54

Total £6.54

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