Falling Trees and Spinning Cats

A clever bloke told me about “Zen & the Art of Falling Trees.”
Imagine the scene: you’re in the woods and you hear a scream….timber!!!
The tree in front of you begins to sway violently.
You can’t tell in which direction it will fall.
Do you run round in a confused panic, eyes half closed waiting for the thump? Or, do you stand still, observe closely, waiting until the direction of descent is obvious and then, and only if necessary, move just enough to ensure your safety?
Assuming you realise that staying calm and collected is the best alternative - what of your betting?
This Buddha of the North no doubt understands instinctively that chasing losses is not good. That betting wildly, without discipline, is an equally silly idea. He knows that some you win, but most you lose. As long as your SP’s are good, all will be fine in the long run. Losing mustn’t worry you, there must be no such thing as emotion….only thought.
Understand that your gambling stakes shouldn’t represent money, (that stuff you earn by working), but units of investment.
If you can’t gamble with detachment, (and I don’t mean indifference; enthusiasm for life is a prerequisite to good health), then you’re operating by emotion rather than calculated thought…………..if this is the case, stop gambling now!
Sort out your “Betting Bank”, establish a betting strategy. Understand when and how you will bet….and stick religiously to these parameters…there are never exceptions.
Discipline must be developed. A bet is either inside or out, resist at all costs the temptation to twist & bend the rules.
Observe closely your betting habits. If you’re afraid to write everything down, (and I mean every single bet you ever lay?), then, most likely, you’re too embarrassed to admit, (even to yourself), just how disorganised you are………..how much you lose!?
Ask yourself this: what’s happiness to a gambler?
Answer: a good priced winner.
And what happens between moments of happiness?
You lose money.
If this loss represents a pre-determined fraction of your betting bank, you don’t worry.
You know that if you wait patiently for the next betting opportunity, and the price is right, you have a good chance of getting back on track.
In other words, stand still, watch the shaking trees, step aside if necessary………..but never, ever, run around in a panic trying desperately to find the safe spot. You need to be out there, standing confidently amidst the tumbling trees…confident in your ability to step to one side when necessary. You’ll get side-swiped occasionally, but we all take a few knocks between here and the winning post. Save your energy for when it’s needed; save your money for when the price is right, when conditions are in your favour.
Don’t chase losses…don’t chase bets…don’t chase happiness:
A mother cat comes home to find her kitten running round in circles, desperately trying to catch onto its own tail.
“What are you doing kitten?”
“Mother, you once told me that happiness for a cat is having a tail……I’m trying to catch mine, to hold on tight to happiness!”
“Silly kitten…..i also told you to accept its existence, to continue confidently in life………..to look over your shoulder occasionally and you’ll always find it there, following behind wherever you go.”

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