The Fast Form Finder

This method of selecting horses is extremely easy to use and will take up only one or two minutes of your time each day. The method eliminates all races of a highly competitive nature and selects only those horses that have good recent form and the ability to repeat it. There will be an average of 3-4 bets each week and you can expect 50-60% winners all at odds against both on the flat and over the jumps. The method uses "The Sporting Life" although you needn't buy the paper if you don't want to because all the relevant information is on the pages placed on the walls of all betting shops. Here then, is the method:
1. Select all non-handicap races with fields of up to and including 12 declared runners.
2. Eliminate Amateur, Apprentice and Ladies races.
3. Check any horse that won last time out to see if it is tipped by "Form" of "The Sporting Life" and if it is, then that a selection provided it is forecast at odds against in the betting forecast not odds on or evens.
You will find Form's tips for each race in the box at the top of the page near the race card.
When placing your bet write, "Odds on or evens, no bet" on your slip and this will automatically eliminate odds on and evens bets and ensure all your selections are priced at odds against.
The method may also be used with ordinary newspapers. I advise you to use either the "Daily Mirror" or the "Daily Express". The same rules apply except instead of using "Form" of the Life, the black spot form horse is used instead. Both these papers have a spot form rating and both have proved to be profitable with the method.
N.B. All selections must be current season last time out winners.

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