- Gamble to win but don’t expect win.
- Do not be superstitious.
- Caution should come from winning not from losing.
- Do not believe in luck.
- Manage betting budget carefully.
- It is better to win 1$ then to might have won 1000$.
- Do not look at odds; look at outcome, potential and probability.
- Caution is your ally only fools play courage on odds.
- 99% of gamblers lose then they win be in 1% that win more then they lose.
- Don’t play all your cash, split stakes many times.
- If you have to choose between hope, faith, luck and mathematics chose mathematics because is most certain most of the times.
- To upgrade stake is safer then to double it but none the less it s not about odd.
- Split stake if you re to win and cover bet all if you are fool.
- If once you win split stake or split win. You shall need it when you lose.
- Despise people hating gamblers with their prejudices. Yes, with smile on your face.
- Don’t bet machines unless you think their owners are stupid.
- Prove that you are winning not that you might have won.
- Win some each hour rather then even each second.

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