THE GOLD NUGGET SYSTEM operates on an occasional, rather than everyday basis, but if you operate it wisely it will give you an extraordinarily high proportion of winners. Any Daily newspaper with a Horse-Racing section will suffice, you do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to successfully operate this system. You can pinpoint the most likely races that you will be interested in quite quickly by looking through the betting forecast in the racing pages. Make a note of any forecast favourite in the 2-1 to 5-4 region. These, and only these, are the horses that we are interested in. To maximise it's potential you need to take notice of the betting as each of these races comes up, which means either being on-course, in a Bookmakers or, if you prefer, you are able to operate it just as successfully from home with a telephone, television with teletext facility and a credit/debit account. When the market opens on our chosen race, watch how the favourite reacts, if it "drifts" out to 5-2 or more immediately eliminate that race. We are no longer interested in having a bet. However, if the price of our horse, the forecast favourite, begins to "harden", then keep a very close eye on it because, if all the following rules are met to our satisfaction, we could decide to have a bet on it


1. Wait as long as possible before placing your bet.
2. If the price drifts out, ignore it for betting purposes. Just watch and see what happens, the chances are it will lose.
3. If the price hardens to a MINIMUM of 4-6, then this is the one to be on, this is why you must hold back from placing your bet for as long as possible.
3. If the price hardens to less than 4-6, DO NOT BET.
4. There is no such thing as a certainty in Horse-Racing arid very short priced losers HURT.
5. With THE GOLD NUGGET SYSTEM you have got a very good indicator of when a horse is well fancied to win, and if you are cautious about the price you act upon, you will show a good profit.
But you must be patient and only bet when the circumstances, and therefore the price, is acceptable for you to do so. Better than evens on a horse when it is as strongly fancied as this represents excellent value, even as low as 4-6 can give a healthy return because you will have a very high percentage of winners. However, lower than 4-6 offers appalling value for money under any circumstances, so exercise discretion and wait for another race when ALL the signals are in your favour and you can get the value you want. Statistics show that you can fully expect 75% of winners from THE GOLD NUGGET SYSTEM.

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