Intermittent Progression

Probably every player knows everything about standard progressive systems. However, we took it to a whole new level and improved the existing system so that now it's even easier to achieve profit with limited risks. Traditional progression bases on betting on, let's say, the draws of a chosen team and increasing the stake every time your bet loses (so that winning the next bet would yield you net profit). But such betting is very risky, since a series of matches can last for a very long time and you can end up having no more funds for your next bet. In our modified progression stakes increase more rapidly with every lost bet. The main principle of Intermittent Progression System is to stop betting after certain amount of lost bets (e.g. 6 matches without a draw) and go back into play after there is a draw (in our case at level 7). Of course it's completely up to you (and your ability to cope with stress and high risk) to fix a border-point, after which you stop betting.
There is one particular case of this system called „the draw after the draw”.
How to use Intermittent Progression System („the draw after the draw”)?
a) You select teams that drew their last match (it's best to limit the number of teams to 4, so that you have enough capital to end the progression)
b) In the next match you bet on the same teams to draw once more
c) If there's a draw, you win (progression ends on level 1 and you start over, i.e. you wait for the chosen team to draw again); if there's other score than draw, you lose and you wait for your team to draw again to be able to bet again

You can freely modify the system, e.g. prolong the progression for another 2 or 3 matches after the draw.

Then it looks as follows:

1. Draw, you start betting
2. You bet on the next 2-3 matches; if there's no draw, you stop betting and wait
3. Draw, you start betting
4. You bet on the next 2-3 matches (4-6 in total); if there's no draw, you stop betting and wait
5. …and so on

Of course a draw at any level yields you profit; you end the progression.
Before you start betting on draws it is good to choose teams with high draw rate – you can find accurate statistics in many web databases. Proper team selection is the key to success!

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