THE JAMESON SYSTEM is specifically designed for use with Handicap Races, and as such it is not a system which will provide you with a bet every day, or perhaps not even every week for long periods of time for that matter, but it is certainly worth keeping to hand because when it does provide you with a selection then you will have a very good chance indeed of collecting.
It works for both Flat and National Hunt Racing so if you exercise just a little bit of patience it will soon be second nature for you to operate it throughout the year.
If you are a regular punter the chances are that you watch many races, either on track, at home on TV or on SIS at the bookmakers. How many times have you been watching the finish of a race and said to yourself: "Ah! Old so-and-so is finishing strongly, it looks like he is ready to win a race, P11 back him next time out." However, next time out old "so-and-so" is entered in one of the big handicaps, cannot quite handle the better class animals and duly fails to win, at this point we forget all about him and continue our never ending quest for winners, quite unaware that we have probably eliminated just what we are looking for from our thoughts.
Let me elaborate a little......
Horses cannot, no matter what "class" of animal they are, be 100% fit ALL of the time, this is especially the case when they are frequently running in handicap company. So when you see a horse like old "so-and-so" running on strongly at the finish, it is, as you correctly assume, a good indication that he is running into form and is worth keeping a very close eye on. But we must do this for more than just one race. Remember, anything can happen in a horse race, no matter how meticulously an animal is prepared to land a race, that horse can be badly drawn, it can be going for a gap when it closes and effectively ends it's challenge, thejockey can simply fall offi Anything can, and frequently does, happen to prevent a well prepared horse from winning its target race. However, if you continue to follow that horse, for a limited period of course, it will land its desired win and you will be handsomely rewarded for your faith.
It is worthwhile remembering also that time and time again, a badly hampered horse will, somehow, manage to battle it’s way through to a place. So, keep your eyes open when watching handicap races and if you see a horse like "so-and-so" finishing strongly, follow him and back him EACH-WAY in his next THREE races.
It is virtually certain that you will at the very least recoup your stake if he only manages a place, but he will almost certainly win one of those three races AND at an attractive price which will show you a very healthy profit overall.
REMEMBER - Make a note of any improving horses in Handicap races. Once noted back them EACH-WAY for their next THREE races, but do not forget to STOP AT A WIN.
IMPORTANT NOTE. - DO NOT stop at a PLACE, only STOP AT A WIN. - You must always remember that these horses are being prepared to win a specific target race or to land a pre-planned gamble, and if everything goes to plan and they do manage to win first or second time out, then the chances are that they are going to be eased off until preparations are ready for them to go and attempt to win their next target race.

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