THE JEFFERSON SYSTEM will not give you a bet every single day, and it certainly does require a little bit of effort to operate successfully, but the results will make it more than worthwhile.
This system is for use only during the Flat season. But, operated properly, it will provide you with a very high percentage of winners for NON-HANDICAP races throughout the season.
You do not need one of the specialist Racing papers to successfully operate THE JEFFERSON SYSTEM, any ordinary Daily newspaper with a Horse-Racing section will suffice.
You are going to have to produce, and maintain, two tables.
Table 1 will contain all horses which win any non-handicap races - with the exception of
Selling, Apprentice and Ladies races - by a minimum of three lengths.
Once a horse has qualified for Table 1, you patiently wait for his next outing.
If his next race is a HANDICAP you must delete this horse from Table 1.
If his next race is a NON-HANDICAP you do not bet on him, but you note how he finishes.
If he WINS you must also delete him from Table 1.
However, if he finishes more than two lengths behind the winner you enter the winner of that
race in Table 2, also note the date.
If the horse finishing second is within half a length of the winner, and is receiving any weight from the winner, you would add the horse finishing second to Table 2 INSTEAD OF THE WINNER again not forgetting to include the date.
In races like this it is normally safe to assume that the horse finishing second is the better animal.
You do not have to actually see the race to discover these facts, simply examine the race report and look for the distances separating the first three past the post.
The horses that we place in Table 2 are the ones that we are interested in backing. You must back them in any race that they run in but for NO MORE than ONE MONTH from the date that they were first included in Table 2.
In the normal course of events, back each horse to win, but on the occassions when the odds do appear to be generous, i.e. 5-1 or better, then halve your stake and have an each-way wager, assuming of course that there are eight or more runners in the field.
What this system manages to accomplish, is to provide us with a constant supply of horses that are FIT and READY to win a race.
By keeping Table 2 continually up to date THE JEFFERSON SYSTEM will provide you with a steady profit generator.

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