Lay 1-4 Staking Plan

The idea behind the Lay 1-4 Staking Plan is that you increase the stake by 1 after a winner (losing lay) to a max of 4 until the deficit on that run is wiped out. The Lay 1-4 Staking Plan is what I would call a gentle loss recovery staking plan. With this staking plan, you know what your largest stake is going to be before you start. The best way to understand the lay 1-4 staking plan is by working through an example. We will use a start bank of £100 and one unit will be £1. The first bet is always one unit so the first stake is £1. Like with all examples, the bet loses. As the bet loses we move up one unit and the next stake is therefore £2. Again this bet loses. The next stake is therefore 3. Our luck changes, we win. The series deficit is now -£13.05 including the commission of 5%. The stake stays at £3 until the deficit is wiped. You can see at bet 9 the stake reverts back to £1 as the series deficit is wiped. A fairly simple staking plan that will consistently produce better profits than level stakes. The largest bet is always 4 units. In this example this limit is never reached. However if the losing sequence were to continue the maximum bet would be £4.

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