Lay the Draw Back 1-1

This is another massive advantage of using Betting Exchanges and it works an absolute treat… .providing you remain patient. A PROFIT IS GUARANTEED
It again works on the Law of averages based on my studying of stats. My findings and many clever statisticians have found that if a team draws one week, or even the 2nd weed, they are unlikely to draw in their next match based solely on the Laws of averages. Let’s face it not every team are going to draw every match they play in all season.
This is where we make our money.
You go to and you look carefully through all English and Scottish scores for the last 3 matches. You are looking for a team that has drawn their last 3 league/ cup games.
When you find a team, you lay that team not to draw at usually around 3.2. Meaning if I stake £100 at 3.2 I’m risking £220. However you must remember that the laws of averages are in your favour.
To cover the bet even more I take one third of my lay stake and back the 1-1 draw at odds of around 6.8. This will not give me all of my money back if the score does end 1-1 but it will give me a sizable proportion. Remember that you must be aware that the most popular result for a draw is 1-1 ( around 59% of draws in the English League in season 2004/05 ended in 1-1). Interesting but true.

If the team fails to draw I make around £65 profit which is brilliant and this will happen most weekends. If you lose don’t panic simply treble your stakes and back the 1-1 correct score with half of your stake.
e.g. bet 1 –stake was lay £100 –back 1-1 draw £33
bet 2 - stake will be lay £300 –back 1-1 draw at £150.
I have never lost more than 2 weeks in a row, so you have little risk… so don’t panic.
Again paper bet this and you’ll be totally amazed by the results.

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