Lay HiPro86 SP4

This Lay HiPro86 SP4 staking plan is a form of a loss recovery staking plan but cuts its losses before the stakes are excessive. This compromise can produce excellent results.
The staking plan is borrowed from specialist lay betting software.
The Staking Plan can be broken down into 2 steps.

Step 1- When the first loss occurs, the loss is divided into 4 and one unit added to it. So if we have set one unit as £1 and we lose £10 in the bet the next stake is £3.5
The next 4 bets after the first loser is £3.5. After 4 winners the stake reverts back to the original 1 unit or £1.
But what happens if we lose any of the four bets. Well, if a loss occurs we simply go to Step 2, which is the second stage of the loss recovery. The exception is when a loss occurs in the final bet of the increased stake. So if a loss occurred in bet 5 you would simply go back to the beginning and bet 1 unit or £1.
Step 2 - (Step 2 can only be reached if a loss has occurred in step1 that causes you to go to step 2) As in step 1, divide the achieved loss of your previous bet into 4 parts and add 1 original point. Place the new stake amount on the next four bets. The next four bets are critical in this plan. If we win all 4 bets, we go back to the beginning and use 1 point staking. If we lose any bet out of the four we always go back to the beginning and revert to 1 unit staking.
Let’s see this staking plan in action
You can see that the loss of £21.7 in bet 4 is divided by 4 and one unit added to make the next stake 6.42. The profit column shows a commission level of 5%
Now let’s see what happens when the cycle is finished.
You can see in the table above that the loss recovery sequence is finished in bet 9 and one unit stakes are used once more.
If a loss had occurred in bet 5, 6, 7 or 8 the sequence would have reset back to 1 unit and you would have to cut your losses.
If you have a bet selection system that you have confidence in not to produce frequent losing sequences this staking plan could be extremely useful.
In the above example, using level stakes of £1 would have left you - £17.2. That’s a lot to claw back using £1 stakes.

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