Always assume that any official statement from a football club relating to an event on which you may be planning to bet – e.g. dismissal of current boss, appointment of another one, potential purchase/sale of players – is complete and utter tosh.
*** Statistics goes as far as prediction possible nut insecure.
Always watch a boxing match with the sound turned down so that you can make your own assessment of what is going on in front of you. It is too easy to be influenced by commentators. After adopting this tactic for a number of fights you will become as good a judge as any pundit.
Always try to be aware of topical sports news as soon as possible – it might prevent you from backing a loser and help you find a winner.
Open as many on-line accounts as possible to take advantage of best odds available – often pointed up by comparison sites like oddschecker.
*** If one defined event offer more win better odd price in one place then the other take it!
Never change your mind.
*** It is crucial for system to be independent from real time happening. Never bent system or improvise on the way. Analyze and prepare to refine but follow to the letter of system. Once mind is set and system in place, go for it. Then analyze and refine for second run.
The pros will never understand that attitude any more than the punter can understand betting as a means to a profit, and nothing else.
*** Be a pro. Without emotions, cold and steady, up stakes wins percentage and get best prices possible.

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