Maria Staking Plan

So called after a username on a forum thread that turned £3000 into £100,000 in only 303 days in real-time. In total there were 3547 wins from 4131 selections = 85.88% strike rate. Like all staking plans which are essentially mathematical formulas, The Maria staking plan can be broken down into rules.
1) - There are 3 distinct odds ranges to be aware of. The following is based on a starting bank of £3000
* Prices below 3.5: lay to 1% of bank - backer's stake £30 (liability is always under £75 in this price range)
* Prices from 3.6 to 7.4: lay to 0.6% of bank - backer's stake £18 (liability is always between £46.80 - £115.20 in this price range)
* Prices from 7.5 to 11: lay to 0.4% of bank - backer's stake £12 (liability is always between £78 - £132 in this price range)
* Anything above 11 or 10/1 is left alone.
2) - If making profits, the stakes are increased on a daily basis in proportion to the betting bank on a daily basis. For instance, if after day 1 the betting bank is at £3300 then 1% would now be £33 rather than £30.
Level Staking Plan
This is the most common form of staking plan and is sometimes known by other names such as flat betting being. This system requires that you bet the same stake at all times.
The size of the stake can be determined however you like. One method is to link it to your starting bank. For example, if your start bank was £200 you would split the bank into points. £200 = 200 points.
In this case £1 represents 1 point. You would then adjust this up as required to a set stake of say 5 points or 10 points.
The level staking plan is a very safe low risk staking plan and can be used as a reference against other staking systems to analyse their performance. Any selection system that does not produce a profit at level stakes should be looked at very carefully before continuing with it. Any selection system not in profit using level stakes does not have an edge. In TSM we have our basic level staking plan and an Advanced Version.

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