Here’S The Nba Betting System In Detail. As Long As You Strictly Follow My Betting Guidelines Below , You Will Be Winning Almost All Of Your Nba Bets!

In A Nutshell, You Will Be Betting That One Team Is Going To Win At Least One Game In An On-The-Road Series Versus An Opposing Team That Is Ina Different Conference. This Is A Bet That You Will Win More Than 97% Of The Time.

I Have Also Found That Only Two Sportsbooks Work For This Betting Method And The Links To Sign Up With Them Are Below. I Won’T Get Into The Details Why I Have Found Only These 2 Sportsbooks To Work But There Are Many Sportsbooks This Betting System Will Not Work With So Please Use These Links Below To Sign Up For An Account With A Sportsbook That Will Work. Clicking On One Of These Links Will Redirect You To The Most Current Signup Page For That Sportsbook And Their Latest Deposit Bonus Offers As Well.

Before I Go Into Detail On How To Make The Bets, I Will Go Over The Money Management System. There Are Only Three Bet Values You Should Stick To: Bet A, Bet B, Bet C.

Bet A = Your Beginning Bet. You Can, For Example, Set Your Beginning Bet To Win $100 (Or Whatever Your Budget Will Allow) When You First Start Out.

Bet B = In Case Bet A Fails, You Make Bet B To Make Up For Any Loss You’Ve Suffered From Bet A, Plus Any Profit You Would Have Achieved From Bet A. So, If Your Bet A Was For $170 (To Win $100 At -170 Odds), Your Bet B Will Be To Win The $170 You Lost On Bet A Plus Another $100 To Make A Profit. Therefore Your Bet Amount Would Need To Be As Such To Win $270 ($170 + $100).

Bet C = In Case Bet B Fails, You Make Bet C To Make Up For Any Loss You’Ve Suffered From Bet A + Bet B + Profit You Would Have Achieved From The Original Bet, Bet A. So, If Your Bet A + Bet B Losses Are $500, Your Bet C Needs To Be To Win $500 (Previously Lost) Plus $100 Profit. Therefore You Would Need To Place Bet C Such As To Win $600.

There Is No Bet D,E, F Or Anything Thereafter. If You Lose Bet C, You Lose The Bet. However, Do Not Be Concerned Because Losing A Bet C Is Something That Will Almost Never Happen. I’Ll Talk More About That Later. Here’S The Betting System:

1 Check The Nba Schedule And Mark Down Any Series Where One Team Will Be Playing At Least 3 Consecutive Games On The Road Versus A Team In A Different Conference.

2 For The Team That Will Be Playing 3 Or More Consecutive Games On The Road Against A Different Conference, Make A Bet A For The Team On The Road On It’S First Game And Buy 3 Points On The Bet.

3 If You Lose Bet A, Make Bet B On The Next Game For The Same Team

4 If You Lose Bet B, Make Bet C On The Next Game For The Same Team

Go To Nba.Com To Check Schedules And See What Conference Each Team Is In. The Teams That Have 3 Consecutive Away Games In A Row Versus Teams Of The Opposite Conference Are The Ones You Will Bet On.

One Other Thing Of Note Is That If A Team Is Playing 6 Games In A Row On The Road All Versus Opponents Of The Opposite Conference, You Can Split That Up Into 2 Different Betting Series, One Beginning With The 1St Game And One Beginning With The 4Th Game.

From Here Just Click On Nba

On The Next Page Is Where You Select Your Team. For Example, Let’S Say You Want To Buy 3 Points For The Houston Rockets In Their Game Versus The Dallas Mavericks You Would Need To Do As Follows.

Just Click In That Circle And On The Next Page Is Where You Buy Points And Set Your Wager Amount. Just Follow The Instructions In The Screenshot Below.

If You Do Not Understand Buying Points , Let Me Explain. Each Game You Wager On Will Have A Point Spread. For Example, In The Houston Vs Dallas Game That You See On The Screenshot Above, The Spread Is +5 For Houston And -5 For Dallas. If You Bet On Houston +5 It Means That If Houston Lose The Game To Dallas By 4 Points Or Less You Still Win The Bet If You Choose Houston +5. If You Bet On Dallas -5 It Means That Dallas Must Win By 6 Points Or More For You To Win The Bet If You Bet On Dallas -5. Now, If You Buy 3 Points For Houston That Would Bring The Spread To +8 Instead Of +5. This Means That Now You Can Still Win The Bet If Houston Loses By 7 Points Or Less. Similarly, If You Buy 3 Points For Dallas To -2 It Means That Now Dallas Can Win By Only 3 Points And You Win The Bet. If Any Bet Falls On The Exact Spread Number Such As Houston Losing To Dallas By 8 And You Had Houston +8 The Bet Is A Push And Is Refunded.

One Final Important Note On This Betting Series Is That You Stop The Series After A Win. For Example, If You Lose Bet A And Go Onto Win Bet B You Then Stop That Series Of Bets (A,B,C) And Wait For The Next Series To Come Along.

You Must Also Be Wondering About Win Percentages For This System. In An Entire Nba Season, If You Follow The Guidelines, Your Chances Of Losing A Bet B Are Around 14% And Losing A Bet C Is Close To 1% !!

A Final Note Is To Be Sure You Have Enough Money In Your Betting Account To Cover All The Way Through Bet C Should It Occur And Adjust Your Starting Bet Accordingly As To Be Able To Do This.


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