Never ring and ask a person for their opinion if you do not intend to take any notice.
Always stick to your original selections and number of bets and do not chase losses.
*** This “chase loses” from me and “do not” from others can make you confused. Most of this folks think not chase on same cup or play. Almost all point not to chase in horses. My chase is on types of game with high probability and low randomness like goals in football. I tend to explain that covered system contains chase but totally unrelated to losses occurred. Closed system start from make profit, regardless of chasing in 2 or 3 or 4 rows. It starts with lower risk on better probability and function to end of having all sequences profiting with rising stake and bending risk. But if you keep it above 75% of wins you will understand need for to cover and have system better boxed and fully circled.

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