Norwegian System

Norwegian System is very simple and effective one. It is meant rather for players that tend to bet on several events (at low odds) on one coupon, however if you like, you can also use it for single bets. You bet only on football (although it is possible to test this system in other disciplines). Before you start, you have to make a careful selection:

a) you choose the strongest teams in given league (places 1-4 in the table); it's even better if they have been top teams for more than 2 past seasons
b) after you've made your selection you wait for „your” team to lose point (loss or a draw)
c) when it loses points, you bet on it in the next match (only if it is a home match)

This system bases on an assumption that top teams are not likely to lose points in 2 consecutive matches. Of course there are exceptions to this rule, but for that very reason you have to watch several leagues. Let's have a look at the mathematical side of all this:

a) you observe 10 leagues (3 teams in each league) which gives you 30 teams in total
b) 10 out of selected 30 teams have lost points in their previous game and play their next match at home (let's assume that the odds for their victory are between 1.3 and 1.6, depending on a league and an opponent)
c) you have your 10 matches which you can now use to create coupons (we don't recommend putting them all together on one coupon); the right choice of, let's say, 3 matches can yield you nice and sure profit

Norwegian System requires some time to look throught databases and select teams properly. You should sum up your profits at the end of the season, because this system is meant to be used in long term only.

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