Any daily newspaper can be used, but the daily Mirror is recommended Since it has one of the finest betting forecasts available.
• Do not bet when the going is described as Heavy, Soft to Heavy, Soft Or Firm. Do not bet on all-weather surfaces. Do not bet on Sundays Or Bank Holidays.
• Strike out all handicap races, nursery races and selling races and races which are to be run over less than seven furlongs (7f).
• Strike out any race where the prize money on offer is over £10,000.
• Strike out any race with more than eight runners.
• Strike out any race where the first in the betting forecast has
Forecast odds of less than 6/4 or more than 3/1.
• Strike out any race where the difference between the second and Third favourites in the betting forecast is less than one clear point. For example, If the 2nd Fav is forecast at 5/2 and the 3rd Fav is forecast at 3/1, this race does not qualify. If, however, the 3rd Fav was forecast at 7/2 or greater, the race would qualify.
Any races you now have left after this rigorous deletion process qualify for a bet . (NOTE-If there are no such races, you may opt to bring a few back in by including 6f and 5f races which meet the other criteria outlined above. This is your choice.) The Platinum Plan calls for you to make a level stake outlay of 3 points on every race. The three points should be distributed as follows:
2 points to win on the FAVOURITE
1 point to win on the 2ND FAVOURITE

Whilst you are free to use the named horses which are forecast first and second favourite in the betting forecast of your newspaper, I have found that simply betting 2 points on the "FAVOURITE" and 1 point on the "2ND FAVOURITE"generates better long- term profits. This is most certainly due to the obvious deviation of the actual betting market
from the forecast betting market.
Your total outlay for every race selected by the Platinum Plan is therefore 3 points This outlay remains level from race to race.
A betting bank of no less than 30 points is recommended. This is sufficient for ten bets. For the ultimate in comfort, a betting bank of 60 points would prove sufficient for twenty bets. As you can see, The Platinum Plan is incredibly simple to operate, but the strike rate and profit it generates are second to none.

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