Profit Points System

This one has 'mixed reviews' to say the least and I haven't tested it. See what you think.
In this system you are not promised a winner in every race but it is designed to keep you ahead of the game over long periods of time. This system even lets you know when not to part with your cash.
Betting points are allocated for each race then the bets are placed according to the principal race meeting as printed in the Daily Mail. The reason the Daily Mail is used is because when the system was being tried the Mail’s racing information was accurate and consistent and presented in such a way that this system was easy to execute. The amount of cash you bet is up to you with the possibility of each point being worth as little as £1. Calculating in points really only makes the system much easier to understand and makes working out your profits much easier!
For the best results the Profit Points system must be followed exactly and used over a period of time for it to be profitable. Long term gambling profits are only possible if you follow a system to the letter and not place a bet on any horse that takes your fancy. Like any system you may have the odd bad month and this is to be expected, however the system prevents against continuous losses and with patience your winning streak will return and you will be back in profit.
So, to make the system work you must first purchase a copy of the Daily Mail daily and look at the principal race meeting and note down only races with 8 or 9 runners. The principal meeting is the one with the highest prize money on offer. Other meetings can be used but statistics have shown that this is the best meeting to choose. If there are no principal meetings in any day then pick the one with the most prize money.
Always select the second named horse (second favourite). If there are joint favourites still only select the second named horse.
Now bet 1 point on your selected second favourite horse. Remember your point can be worth as much or as little as you like.
Should you lose in the first race then increase your stakes by 1 point. Keep increasing your stakes until you have a winning race. If you have 6 consecutive losses then stop betting, this limits losses to 21 points in any one sequence and also safeguards against a long losing run. If a winner doesn’t arrive when you reach 6 consecutive losses then you must wait for 2 consecutive losing days as before and recommence with 1 point.
When you have your selected winner restart with a reduced stake. To restart you subtract the starting price from the number of points on your winning bet. The starting price will need to be rounded up to the nearest whole figure.
Starting Price of 2/1 = 2 points, 10/1 = 10 points, evens 1/1 = 1 point.
Starting Price of 6/4 = 1.5 points which is rounded up to 2 points, 5/4 is approximately equal to 1 point.

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