Progression is a system that is based on incresing the stake with every consecutive bet until you correctly predict the score. You use stakes that, after the progression is finished, guarantee you profit – regardless on which level it is finished. You can use progressive staking system in many ways – you can bet on draws, underdogs or number of goals (i.e. over/under). It works with any sport discipline, the only thing you need to start winning is a proper analysis of teams you will bet on as well as calculating your stakes correctly (so that you can afford to play certain number of progression levels).

When you play over / under bets you have to be aware that odds above 2.0 are pretty rare here. This means that in order to be profitable you will have to adjust your stakes wisely. On the other hand you will win more often.

How to pick teams for progression?

The best way to do this is to analyze historic data (optimally from 3-5 previous seasons) for certain teams. You look at the exact number of over / under scores. Additionally you have to consider home and away matches separately. After thorough analysis is complete you pick your teams and way of betting, e.g. having analyzed the MLB you came to a conclusion that San Francisco Giants achieves more „under” scores in home matches, so you decided to bet on under every time SFG play at home. If you lose, you raise the stake depending on odds for the next match. If, on the other hand, you win, you go back to the first level of your progression. Football is a perfect discipline for it (under/over 2.5 goals bets).

When to start using progression?

This question shows up over and over again. The answer is simple – the perfect moment doesn't exist. Some players claim that if a team has played, for instance, 5 „over” matches, their next game has to be „under”. You might agree with that, but history shows it doesn't have to be that obvious. Let's just say you can start using progression at any given moment during a season, as long as you possess appropriate capital. You can bet on every single match as well as just wait for a long streak. It is up to you, every player has their favourite method. What are yours?

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