This easy to use system will enable you to pinpoint a high percentage of winners in just a few minutes per day.This method has been applied only to turf racing,but may be suitable for use on all weather racing.For turf racing it has been applied to both handicap and non handicap racing but I feel this method will do better in non handicap races.

The Rules
1 Use the Racing Post Newspaper.
2 For each meeting in the Racing Post there is a selection box indicating the selections of 16 racing tipsters.Only consider horses that have been selected by at least 10 of these tipsters.
3 Of these horses selected by the tipsters only consider horses that are rated top on Topspeed Ratings and on Postmark Ratings.They must be top rated for both of these rather than one or the other.NoteYou may get a situation where either Topspeed or Postmark make 2 or more horses joint top rated.You only consider the joint top rated that are selected by Topspeed or Postmark-When looking at the actual ratings for each horse you may find that some of them are joint top rated.You can easily decide which of the joint top rated are selected by Topspeed or Postmark by looking at the selection box where the main selection for Topspeed or Postmark is given(even when the ratings indicate a joint top rated).
4 From the remaining selections you now only consider those horses that finished 1st 2nd 3rd in its last race which must have taken within the current season.
5 Any horse that remains is a Safe System selection.
Note-Both Topspeed and Postmark are listed in the selection box in the Racing Post.These are taken into account when counting the number of tipsters who have selected a horse.For instance if a horse is selected by 10 tipsters and 2 of these 10 are Topspeed and Postmark that is ok.If a horse is selected by 11 tipsters but not by neither Topspeed or Postmark then it does not Qualify as a bet.Firstly make sure that ten tipsters have gone for a horse before checking to see if Topspeed or Postmark have selected it.

Additional Selections-You may find a horse that qualifies under the above rules,but its last race was from the previous year.Generally speaking these are not Safe System bets however you can make an exception if the horse has run within the last 30 days under a different code.For instance if a horse qualifies under all the rules but it has not had a current season run over fences but within the last 30 days it has run on the flat then this would be a system bet,providing it finished 1st 2nd or 3rd.
Recap-Horses must be selected by at least 10 of the tipsters listed in the selection box of the Racing Post.It must have finished 1st 2nd or 3rd in its last race which must have taken place within the current season.

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