Soccer correct score betting

Okay, it's not horse racing - but here's something to think about with UK soccer correct score betting.
Remember: these systems are offered with no guarantees. Test them yourself by 'paper trading' without real stakes before risking any money. There's good money to be made out or Correct Score Football Betting and gradually, the big book makers are trying counter measures in an attempt to reduce their liabilities. Ladbroke and Coral will not accept Aussie Correct Scores. The remaining Aussie odds-layers, have added the words "Singles Only" to their coupons. Currently, most U.K. betting shops accept Correct Score Doubles, Trebles, etc. on U.K. football matches.
The special coupons can be located on most betting shop counters from each Tuesday onwards. In the event of all the coupons being used or missing a normal betting slip can be used. Ensure you date your betting slip for the Saturday in question and you'll see the actual instructions/wording below.
Currently, in even matched games, a score of 2-1 (home or away) is approximately 9/1 and 3-2 (either way) is 25/1 or 28/1. So a 2-1 Treble yields 1000/1 and the worst 3-2 Double pays 625/1.
My approach, in an attempt to snare a 1000/1 Treble, is to select ten matches and to perm any 3 from 10, in 120 Trebles. Obviously, I avoid all the Manchester United V Barsleys and I believe 2-1s are easier to find than 1-2s.
The individual match prices are a good guide as to who's going to win 2-1. Seek marginally (4/5, 8/11 etc.) odds-on home sides. Another good guide is to purchase a weekly Racing and Football Outlook from a good newsagents on a Wednesday. They devote four tabloid size pages to football.
As said, any 3 from 10 is 120 Trebles and cheaper Perms are 3 from 8 (56) and 3 from 9 (84). There's no very simple way of calculating Trebles, but it is done as follows:
If you wish to know 3 from 16, you draw a horizontal line and below the line you write 1x2x3 and above the line you put 16x15x14. Then devide above the line by below the line for the answer - 560.
Calulating Doubles is simplicity itself. If you wish to know how many Doubles in, say 20, you take the number below the 20, half the even number and multiply the two together. So Doubles in 20 is 190 (19x10).
On U.K. football 3-2 is a fairly reasonably common score and at a minimum match price of 25/1 the Double is a very tasty 625/1. Any 2 from, say 15 is 105 Doubles and the Doubles can be from 1p upwards - so at 10p the wager would cost £10.50 and at 1p the stake is £1.05p.
One things for absolute sure, you'll find more 9 and 25/1 football winners, than similarly priced horse race winners. Each week there will beroughly twenty (out of fifty-odd), 9/1 and 25/1 football winners on the coupon.
Finding the 3-2s is not an impossibility. Seek home sides who average two home-goals per game, that are marginally odds-on, playing sides that are averaging at least one away goal per away game.
I shouldn't be telling you this and I hope not too many readers try this approach, or it'll be Singles only from mid-September. Eliminate all the Home/Away "bankers" and cover the residue in 3-2 Doubles (any 2 from, say 35) and you'll win money over the season.
Now for the instructions. Having decided how many matches you wish to cover in Doubles or Trebles and at what score, you simply do this:
Find the Correct Score Column and enter 2-1 (for example) in the ten appropriate boxes (for example). Then turn the coupon sideways and write (for example) "120x10p Win Trebles" and then enter £12.00p in the Total Stake box.
Should you wish to try 3-2 doubles, then use a different coupon (one wager per coupon) and write 3-2 in your 20 selected boxes and sideways write (for example) "190x1p (for example) Win Doubles" and enter £1.90p in the Total Stake box.
Should the coupons be absent, then borrow a duplicate coupon from behind the betting shop counter (for the match numbers) and then write on a betting slip "Football Correct Scores 30.08.97 matches 7, 11, 18, 27 etc. (Put a ring around the match numbers) all 3-2 in 120x10p Win Doubles".
Do likewise for your 2-1 Win Trebles. Ask the counter-hand to check you haven't "under" or "over" staked your wager.

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