Sports Arbitrage

As a member of the bookmaking community for a large part of my life I have known about sport arbitrage betting for a while now. It is a way of generating free income from the fact different bookmakers all over the world all have different formula’s to work to, different clients to cater for and compilers with different opinions on sporting fixtures. 
I always thought that it was an incredible hassle to find sport arbs, after all, just type in the phase into Google and you will find a multitude of web companies all offering to do all the work for you – and of course take over half the profit!
Now with the information and links in this document and the ‘arb’ calculator you will be able to quickly find arbs and make guaranteed money from bets.
What is an arb?
There are well over 100 secured totally safe bookmakers all over the world all offering different odds on betting. This number is steadily increasing. An arb is formed when different bookies have different prices for different outcomes in a particular sporting event. The bottom line is that we can place bets to cover both (all) outcomes with different bookies and get back more than we invested. The best way is to investigate this is with an example: 
During a ladies single game at Wimbledon between Williams and Sharpova the bookies Tote and Victor Chandler priced the outcomes differently: 
Tote - 3/1 Sharpova to win Victor Chandler - 2/5 Williams to win  to return £100 with Victor Chandler above we would have to invest £71.42. 
To return £100 with Tote for a Sharpova win we would have to invest £25. Our total collective investment would be just £96.42 - and whoever won the game our total return would be £100.
We have just made a guaranteed 3.58% on your money within 2 hours. You can find plenty of these arbs each and every week. How did we calculate how much investment is required to return £100 (including our stake)?
 A very simple calculation: 
With v.c. the odds for a williams win was 2/5. To find out how much you need to invest to return £100 simply make the following calculation: 
(a) 2/5 + 1 = 1.4
(b) 100/1.4 = £71.43
2. With tote the odds for a sharpova win was 3/1.  To return £100 (including our stake):
(a) 3/1 + 1 = 4
(b) 100/4 = £25 total investment (£71.42 + £25) = £96.42 total return regardless of outcome £100 total profit (£100 - £96.42) = £3.58 risk free. 

Why do arbs occur? 
Arbs occur when we use 2 or more bookmakers - and they do so because the odds compilers of the various bookmakers simply have different opinions. Don't forget you will be using online bookies from all over the globe in your quest to find arbs - and while a bookie in the UK may be upto speed about premiership football results, the same is less than likely true for the bookies in say in America or Australia. And as more and more online companies are formed, we can expect the number of arbs to increase with time. Arbs are here to stay, and a source of free and easy cash.
Reading the Odds
This part of the publication will help you understand the way bookies display their odds. It would be great if all bookies globally just displayed their odds in a uniform way, but across the world they show them differently: 
(a) fractions - e.g. 2/1 3/1 etc a lot of bookies will express odds as fractions (especially in the UK). The top figure is the profit achieved and the bottom figure is the investment required to achieve that profit. So 2/1 means £2 profit from an investment of £1. 1/3 means a profit of £1 from an investment of £3 and so on what you need to remember with this way of writing odds is that the profit does not include your stake which will be returned to you if you win. 
(b) decimals - a lot of European bookies express odds in terms of decimals

e.g. 1.5, 3.4 etc what you have to remember about decimals is that your stake has been included in the return - so 3.5 means your total return including stake is £3.5.  To convert a decimal into a fraction is to simply deduct 1 from the decimal - so a decimal price of 3.0 isn’t 3/1 it's 2/1.  To calculate your returns on a decimal bet just multiply it by your stake. So a £10 bet on 3.0 odds returns £30.
(c) US odds us odds have a + or - in front of them. If positive it shows your profit for every 100 staked. Thus £100 at +400 would mean you get a total return of £500 (and a profit of £400). If it has a negative sign it shows how much you need to stake to achieve a £100 profit. So -400 means you would need to bet £400 to win £100. As you start to read and use these odds more frequently you will become a lot quicker at finding arbs.
How to spot abs
Now we have a firm understanding of arbs, their causes and the odds system we're going to see how best to spot them, and how to organise your time for maximum efficiency. 
As an arb trader it's vital that you construct a daily checklist of events that you wish to investigate. It's very handy to buy a diary specifically for your arb trades and jot down the specific events you'll be hunting for arbs in. Make this a routine - for instance, perhaps on a particular Saturday you want to check the premiership fixtures, the tennis fixtures and the one day series between India and England. Do not randomly hunt for arbs without this sort of plan. 
Now that you've identified the list of events you're going to attack today, what do you do next? Let's start with the tennis fixtures between player a & player
b. To see if any arb opportunities exist construct the below table:
Bet365 Ladbrokes Eurobet Scandi Victor Chandler Player A 2/5 2/6 2/7 2/7 2/6 Player B 2/1 5/2 3/1 5/2 2/1
Here it's obvious that the best 2 prices are 2/9 for Player A (Bet365) and 3/1 for Player B (Eurobet). Does an arb exist here? Yes:  to return a total of say £1000 on player a with Bet365 we need to invest (2/5+1 = 1.4...then £1000/1.4) £714.28 to return a total of £1000 on Player B with Eurobet we need to invest (3/1+1 = 4...then £1000/4) £250
Our total investment to return £1000 whichever player wins is just £964. This is a clear arb opportunity and you would then place £714.28 with Bet365 on Player A and a further £250 with Eurobet on Player B. 
At the end of the match you will pickup a certain profit of £35.72 - finding just 3 arbs a day of this kind (very achievable) will give you a daily profit of £107.16 - and a tax free monthly income of over £3000.
Hopefully you are now beginning to realise the magic of arbs.  If you take this systematic approach with each sporting event you have on your checklist your chances of finding an arb are good. However there are a couple of free websites which will help you identify even more:
By the time you finish reading this guide, you will have many websites that I recommend - it's a good idea to open up a new directory in your favourites dedicated to arb trading. These websites are all free and priceless in helping you make money with arbs.
Calculating arbs
Here we'll go through some more arb examples, including football arbs, which require 3 bets to get your return.
1. Let us consider the following arb: Player A - 4/7 Player B - 17/9 to calculate your return and how much you should stake do the following: 
(a) convert fractions into decimals: player a - 4 divided by 7 is 0.5714. Add one to get your decimal figure of 1.5714. Player b - 17 divided by 9 is 1.8888. Add one to get your decimal of 2.8888. 
(b) divide the decimal figures you have calculated into 1000 and this will tell you how much you need to invest to return £1000:  player a - 1000/1.5714 = £636.37 needed to return £1000 player b - 1000/2.8888 = £346.16 needed to return £1000
(c) add your total investments required to return £1000:  £636.37 + £346.16 = £982.53
Does an arb exist? Yes - were you to invest a total of £982.53 on both players winning you are certain to get back £1000. That's a £17.47 return in a couple of hours for doing nothing. This is a low return arb - you will often find arbs returning between 5% and 10% and sometimes even more. 
How to work out investments required for soccer arbs. Let's say Brazil are playing USA and the bookies have priced it as:  Eurobet - brazil win at 11/10 Bet365 - draw at 14/5 Centrebet - USA at 4/1 let's go through the calculation as we did in the first example:
(a) convert fractions into decimals brazil win - 11/10 + 1 = 2.1 draw - 14/5 + 1 = 3.8 USA win - 4/1 + 1 = 5
(b) find out how much is required to return £1000 in each instance.  Brazil win - 1000/2.1 = £476 to return £1000 draw - 1000/3.8 = £263 to return £1000 USA win - 1000/5 = £200
(c) add your total investment required to return £1000:  £476 + £263 + £200 = £939
Does an arb exist? Again, yes. Were you to place a total of £939 you are certain to make a profit of £61 - not bad for 90 minutes work (if you can call it that). Now that you have identified the arb you would place the bets - £476 with eurobet on a Brazil win, £263 with Bet365 on a draw and £200 with Centrebet on a USA win.
With time and experience you will find that arbs occur not only with sporting events but with any event where you can place a bet - from politics to music awards. The opportunities are limitless.
Soccer arbs
the next couple of chapters will help you focus on finding arbs in particular sports, and the tools, tricks, tips, bookies and websites that you should use for each. The information is priceless and has taken years to formulate and perfect.
We will start with soccer, where arb opportunities are almost endless thanks to global coverage of global leagues. The best arbs are to be found in the standard '90 minute result' category (an example of which we saw in chapter 4).
Odds comparison sites such as Betbrain are very useful in finding soccer arbs
- there are so many bookies who offer soccer results - and that's a very good thing for us. It ensures many opportunities to pickup free cash exist.  It's important to note that in the UK many of the bookies will compile similar odds so you wouldn't find many arbs between UK bookies. There are however different odds to be found with European bookmakers which of course leads to arbs. In your quest to hunt down arbs you should open accounts with as many online bookies across the world as you can. The bookies you should take special note of with soccer are:
One of the best soccer tips is to start looking at lower leagues first and work your way up instead of the other way around - remember there are very few experts on lower league football so more price differences are likely to exist here, and so more arbs can be found. Get news before the bookies - remember that with soccer you will find that breaking news will change odds dramatically. The good news is that some bookies are much less responsive than others in changing odds to breaking news and this results in arb opportunities being created. 
Probably the most famous example of this was the Israel vs Austria world cup qualifying match where Israel were at home. Due to fear of terrorism about 9 Austrian players backed out which of course weakened the team considerably - of course not all bookies responded to the news quickly - and at one stage the combination of odds included: Israel win 11/10 draw 5/2 Austria win 4/1 It was possible to pickup a profit of £40 on an investment of £1000 just for knowing your soccer news.  Other soccer markets - there can be arbs found in other soccer markets such as corners and total goals but these are harder to find and your main hunt should be in the results after 90 minutes area as we have talked about.
Final tips - this applies to all your arb bets, you should always round up or down when you place a bet as it makes you less conspicuous. A bet such as £234.67 looks a little odd compared with £235. There is nothing illegal about arbs but if a bookie suspects you are an arb trader he may try and restrict your bets.
Another tip that applies to any sport is that you should always secure the best price first (the one that is out of line with what other bookies are offering) - as this price may not last.
Tennis arbs
There are always big differences between the compilers of different bookies so tennis always produces many arbs.
The biggest caution when finding tennis arbs are different bookie rulings when a player retires from a game. Some bookies will payout in the event of a player having to retire, and others won’t. When finding tennis arbs it's important to ensure both bookies you place bets with have the same rules in the event of a retired player.
The below are the bookies of choice for tennis trading. Of course don't count out others - but the following have been known to be involved in creating arbs: 

Tennis is a good sport for finding arbs - and it runs pretty much all through the year so it's worth getting involved with it as it will get you arbs all-year-round. Just to illustrate, at the time of writing the draw for the Wimbledon first round had just been made - and as usual threw up a feast of arb opportunities to pick and choose from. Within minutes the following matches offered free money for the taking:
 Raymond (1.36 with Unibet) vs Fortez (4.5 with Stanbet) giving a return of 4.44%
 Mallise (1.33 with Unibet) vs Saulnier (4.5 with Skybet) giving a return of 2.56%
 Gimelstob (1.62 with Stanbet) vs Labadze (2.92 with Expekt) giving a return of 4.57%
 Boutter (1.45 with Unibet) vs Galvani (3.5 with Stan James) giving a return of 2.45%
 Krajan (3.0 with Thegreek) vs Massu (1.57 with Betabet) giving a return of 2.98%
The important point to remember here is that this is not at all unusual - if anything the results were a little on the low side in producing juicy high % arbs, but even so there were more arbs than could be used. In fact there were several other arbs produced in that draw.
Cricket arbs
There are plenty of arb opportunities to be found in cricket. But as with tennis it's important to understand different bookie rules. In county cricket this means knowing how bookies treat drawn matches - by far most will refund stakes in the event of a draw but a few firms do not. In the national one day games, again you have to see how bookies will treat a tie - most will return stakes but again there are a couple of firms that do not. Once you check the rules once you will be comfortable placing arb bets going forward. 
The best bookies for domestic cricket are listed below:

international cricket arbs - the key to finding arbs in international cricket is to have a large number of foreign betting accounts. Different bookies operate to different profit margins (and foreign ones often take lower margins which create arbs between them and the uk). Some of the best bookies for cricket arbs include:

As with hunting for football arbs keep an eye on the cricket news for events that can change prices (quickly with some bookies and very slowly with others, thus creating a nice pick of arbs).
Golf arbs
Your best place to find golf arbs are in the 2 or 3 ball bets where bookies will pick either 2 or 3 golfers, the object of course is to back the best one. Let's look at a 3 ball example: player 1 player 2 player 3 bookie a 6/4 2/1 5/4 bookie b 11/4 7/4 5/4 bookie c 7/4 6/4 5/4 bookie d 2/1 7/4 7/4 If you place bets with bookies at 11/4, 2/1 and 7/4 you end up with a profit of 4%. As always if you are placing 3 bets always secure the most 'odd' one first and secure the others that are more in line with the industry later. You don’t want to be in the position where a bet changes halfway through your trade. For example in the above, you want to secure 7/4 on player 3 first as the other prices 5/4 appears to be standard.
You can try looking for arbs in 2 ball betting but they are less common -always check for 3 balls first. 
Some of the best sites for golf arbs are:

As with any form of betting always check the bookie rules in case of exceptional events. Make this a rule and you will never go wrong. 
Other sports & betting events
Snooker - a difficult sport to predict means that opinions among bookies are widely divided - and this of course creates plentiful arbs for us. Again (and I do not apologise if I keep mentioning it as its critical) it's important to check the different bookie rules in the (very) unlikely event of an abandoned match - some bookies will call off bets while others will regard the player that goes on to the next round as the winner. Where bookie rules are different do not place bets - no matter how unlikely a match is to be abandoned we are after risk free profits and should leave nothing to chance. The bookies that often create arbs in snooker are listed below:

Motor Racing - while mr arbs are not as common as those in the sports we've covered so far, they can produce some high paying ones when they occur.
The 3 categories here are qualification, race and classification. 
Qualification - here 2 drivers race against each other but odds can change quite substantially as the day nears. Some bookies take the drivers practice runs seriously (and hence modify odds accordingly) while others don’t. This of course can create some very tasty arbs. The best way to spot arbs here is to create a table of odds before practice - and check the same odds immediately after to see where arbs have been formed.
Race - bookies select 2 drivers and the driver finishing highest out of the 2 in the race is the bet winner. There are some big arbs to be had here - again because some bookies change their odds as they see practice results, and others just leave their original odds untouched.
Classification - a driver is 'classified' if he finishes 90% of a race, and odd compilers also have massive differences in opinions here which is great for us. The bookies worth looking at for motor racing are:

Finding arbs in-running
In-running bets are those which are placed while a game or event is already in progress, and as can be expected there are plenty of arbs for the take if you act quickly. It's advisable to move onto in-running arbs only when you're comfortable with the pre-match arbs. One of the reasons that in-running arbs are so plentiful is that bookies do not have time to consider all things when placing odds - you can quite literally feast on arbs everyday with in-running bets if you know where to look. We'll look at the plentiful opportunities sport by sport.
Cricket - if you've ever seen a cricket game you'll know that just one wicket can change the direction of the game - as well as bookie odds which create a bountiful supply of arbs as the game develops. With cricket the arbs will tend to form only after an entire innings has been played out - in the second innings, as the wickets and boundaries begin to accumulate you will see more and more arbs being formed before your eyes. Arbs can be found not only in the results category but also in total runs betting. Cricket is certainly one of the best sports to find arbs, both pre-match as well as in-running - and don’t forget, bookies sometimes have to price bets with a view to balance their books rather than setting them realistically based on the probable outcome. 
This applies to every sport and is fantastic news for the arb-trader. 
Football - steer clear of the result after 90 minutes area for in-running football. The fact is (and it can be a little surprising) there just aren't enough arbs here to make it worth looking at. The last corners market is much better if you wish
to find in-running football arbs - a 2 possibility event and plenty of 'out-of-date' prices (as most bookies see this as a secondary importance market, much to our delight). Wait until the last quarter of the match, and if the match changes dramatically (e.g. A goal is scored) you will find out of date prices that you can just secure. Remember that bookies will close the market with 80 minutes gone on the clock - remember this when placing a late arb. 
Golf - a moderate amount of arbs can be found here but patience is required, and your best chances are when a tournament is limited to 3 potential winners. Arbs tend to be found more often in the european tour.  Snooker - like cricket, it takes just one moment to completely change a game. It's worthwhile following the in-running details and odds to see if there are any easy pickings to be had.
Wherever there's a bet, look for arbs
So far we've looked at a number of different sports that are likely to produce many arbs for you to feast on. You've already seen how just a couple of ordinary arbs that appear everyday can make you £100 in daily tax free profit for 10 minutes work! However one thing you should never forget, is that any bet that the bookies offer, be it in sports, politics or generally just about anything (e.g. Betting on big brother) is likely to produce arbs. 
You're not in this business because you're interested in the sport or event you're placing an arb on. No, you're here to make money and maximise your profit whether Man united beat Arsenal or the Green Party win the general elections. You don't care - because you're going to be taking money from just about every bet that the bookmakers can offer. Possibly the best thing is that you can start of with as little or as much money as you want.
Just some of the other events that you can find arbs in are: 
 Music, film & television awards.
 Politics - the wealth of fantastic arbs available in politics betting is best illustrated through an example:

The number of seats a particular party will win can produce spectacular results. Here is an actual example of how you could have made easy money on a political arb. During the last general election here were the odds on the number of seats that Lib Dem would win:  Bookie a: Under 43 - 4/9 43 and over - 13/8 Bookie b: Under 45 - 11/4 45 to 50 - 2/1 50 and over - 10/11 what is immediately obvious (it appears to everyone but the bookies involved who think they are always correct) is that one bookie is betting 10/11 on more than 50 seats while the other bets 13/8 on more than 43. The actual polls (which are usually very close to the actual result) were predicting 54 seats which means Bookie a got their odds horribly wrong. 13/8 for over 43 seats was unbelievable to arb traders everywhere. 
This is an instance where 'biasing' your arb to take advantage of this situation would be fully justified. So for example investing £1200 at 13/8 and £436 at 11/4 would have netted you a profit of £1513.64 - a return of 92%. And this was no exceptional arb - in the same time seat betting on the labour & conservative parties would have produced over 90% returns too.
The list of bookies you should investigate for these kind of non-sport arbs are listed below:

Staying ahead of the game - tips, tricks and advice
The system - all bookies put their customers into categories. These include the 'loser' tag (i.e. This guy is completely hopeless at betting and all his bets should be encouraged) right upto the 'dangerous/unprofitable' tag - a better who tends to win more often than not. From your point of view, the more loser tags you can get, the better as you don't want to be labelled as an investor who takes money from the bookies - or they may just refuse to trade with you! So how do you avoid this from happening? This and other issues are looked at below.
 Don't place bets with decimals - if the 2 sides of your arbs required investments of £109.87 and £455.18 round them up/down to £110 and £455. This looks much more like a 'normal' bet, and you're less likely to set off alarm-bells with bookies. 
 Family - where possible use family and friends to set-up accounts with bookies if you have been tagged as unprofitable and they refuse to trade with you.
 Where you know you have had a series of wins with a particular bookie, make an extra special effort to try and place the losing end of an arb with him. This should lower your chances of getting tagged.
 If you're refused a certain amount that you're trying to secure an arb for, then try again after a little while. It's not uncommon to find that your full amount will be accepted just minutes after initially being refused. 
 There are certain types of equipment you can invest in to improve your efficiency at making high % arbs. For a start, a mobile phone is very useful - you probably already have one, but if not think about getting one. It's very useful as you can place a bet with a bookie (on their freephone number usually) while placing the other end of the arb at the same time online. 
 In the event of a betting dispute check the website (independent betting arbitration service) for advice. 

Your yearly sports events calendar
It doesn't matter what time of year it is, you will always find plenty of opportunities to secure arbs. There are numerous major events every month, and these are covered by a large number of bookies all over the world - this really does result in a steady flow of arbs all year round. The calendar below will help you plan your arb trading for each particular month. 
January Darts - world championship  Golf - kapalua championship Tennis - atp & wta tours Darts - bdo world championship American football - nfl Golf - honolulu open Golf - south african open American football - afc/nfc wildcard playoffs Tennis - australian open Golf - bob hope classic  Golf - alfred dunhill championship American football - afc & nfc divisional playoffs  Golf - phoenix open Snooker - regal welsh open Golf - perth classic  American football - afc/nfc championship Golf - melbourne classic 
February Golf - pebble beach national pro-am  Tennis - wta/atp tours American football - super bowl Snooker - english masters Golf - buick Golf - anz championship Tennis - davis cup American football - afc/nfc pro bowl  Golf - nissan open Golf - world golf championship
March Snooker - china open Tennis - atp/wta events Golf - genuity championship Golf - malaysian open F1 - australian grand prix  Snooker - thailand masters Golf - coral springs classic  Golf - dubai desert classic Golf - bay hill Golf - quatar masters F1 - malaysian grand prix Golf - the players championship Snooker - irish masters Golf - madeira island open Golf - houston open Golf - open de canarias F1 - brazilian grand prix
April Tennis - wta/atp events Golf - sugarloaf classic  Golf - algarve open Tennis - davis cup (rd 2) Snooker - regal scottish open Golf - masters tournament F1 - san marino grand prix Golf - head island classic  Basketball - nba playoffs Snooker - world championship  Golf - greater greensboro classic Golf - the seve trophy Tennis - fed cup F1 - spanish grand prix
May Golf - new orleans classic Tennis - atp/wta events Golf - french open Golf - byron nelson classic Golf - international open F1 - austrian grand prix Golf - fort worth colonial  Golf - german open Golf - memorial tournament Golf - pga championship  F1 - monaco grand prix Tennis - french open Golf - victor chandler british masters
June Golf - long valley open Golf - british masters Basketball - nba finals Golf - buick classic Golf - english open F1 - canadian grand prix Golf - us open Tennis - atp/wta events Golf - greater hartford open Golf - great north open F1 - european grand prix Golf - st jude classic Tennis - all england championship  Golf - irish open
July Golf - illinois open Golf - dublin open F1 - british grand prix Golf - greater milwaukee open  Tennis - wta/atp events Golf - scottish open  Golf - new york open Golf - british open Tennis - fed cup qf F1 - french grand prix Golf - john deer classic Golf - tnt open F1 - german grand prix Golf - colorado international
August Golf - qwest int  Tennis - atp/wta events Golf - volvo scandinavian masters  Golf - buick open Golf - celtic manor resort wales open Golf - us pga championship Golf - north west ireland open F1 - hungarian grand prix Golf - nec invitational  Golf - reno tahoe open Golf - washington golf championship  Golf - scottish pga championship  Golf - southern england championship Tennis - us open Golf - bmw international open
September F1 - belgian grand prix Golf - canadian open Golf - european masters American football - nfl Golf - pennsylvanian classic Tennis - wta/atp events Golf - german masters F1 - italian grand prix Golf - tampa bay classic  Golf - wgc american express championship Tennis - davis cup Golf - texas open  Golf - ryder cup F1 - usa grand prix
October Golf - kingsmill championship Tennis - atp/wta events Golf - las vegas classic Golf - lancome trophy F1 - japanese grand prix Golf - national golf classic Golf - world match play  Golf - buick challenge Golf - spanish open
November Golf - atlanta tour championship Tennis - atp/wta events Golf - southern farm bureau classic  Tennis - fed cup Golf - volvo masters  Tennis - masters cup
December Tennis - davis cup final Golf - wgc emc2 world cup 
The websites that show you the available arbs everyday
This guide has armed you with the knowledge you need to be a fine sports arbitrage trader. However finding arbs everyday can be a time consuming process so the websites given below are absolutely priceless. They show you the available arb opportunities on a daily basis - in fact they are updated real-time as and when more arbitrage opportunities develop. There are subscription services providing the same information, this guide gives you these sites as part of your package. Please ensure you read the guidance tips below - there are certain situations where you may not be able to use the bets on the website, but Im willing to bet you will find at least one yield arb right now – Have a go!

Check all the bookies rules in the event of an abandoned game I have included direct links to this information on my site list. While this may seem unlikely, this sort of thing can happen in sport. Most bookies have standardised rules in such events but you should check with each bookie that you place your arb with anyway. For example in some cases you may find that bookie a will payout depending on who technically won the tie (even if by default - e.g. Tennis player going through by default because his opponent got injured), while bookie b will call off all bets and return your stake. As mentioned while such events are rare it is advised that when bookie rules in such instances are different you do not place the arb. All bookie sites will have contact information and a list of rules where this information can be discovered if the direct links are not at
Check that any fee’s / tax that the bet may incur with the bookmaker doesn’t outweigh the profit and you will still make at least 2%.
Check the minimum bet you can place, it may be more than you need to bet to win the arb.
Check the rules on payout and make sure they are exactly the same for both bookmakers. (You wont lose money if the game is abandoned etc.)
Get the webpage’s up in your browser, keep them all open at the point just before you are going to place the bet and quickly check to see if the bookmakers haven’t changed the odds and you will still make a profit.
You will then be able to place the bets quickly so there is very little chance the odds will change

You don’t have to join all the websites right now you can join them as and when you spot an arb, but by joining just one a day you can save yourself valuable time in securing that hugely out of line price and the resulting large profit!
Once you are a member of all the bookmakers and you have been doing this for a while, you will get very quick at it and you should only need to spend a couple of hours a day to make serious money.
list of bookmakers and the relevant details you will need.

The best advice is to start small with a bank account (debit card) or credit card dedicated to arb trading, as you build up your money you will get faster and more competent at trading and in a few months you should be inflating your money every day in a couple of hours that you have made from a small investment! Good luck and enjoy all the free cash!!!!
It is easily achievable to find one 5% arb a day just using the free sources given in part 14. If you where to say start off with staking say £100 unbelievably it would only take 48 days, less than 2 months (using one 5% arb opportunity a day) to turn it into £1000, you can then make £50 a day from your arb trading!!! Of course if you started with £1000……….. This opportunity really is not to be missed!
The information in this guide is priceless - it really is a way of making free money. As we are at the end, my advice if you are interested in becoming an arb trader is to read it through again and start making some practice arb trades. Once you realise that you're making profits 100% of the time you will feel much more comfortable investing your real money. 
There are people working a couple of hours a day who are making a full time living from arb trading - and with what you have learned here along with the quick reference bookmaker guide and easy to use software, you can trade with the best of them within a couple of weeks of practice!!!

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