System #20 Midrange low risk

This system is very easy to use and it is perfect for the sports gambler who want to achieve a good profit over the long run without risking a large bankroll.
When you start a session, you’ll start your initial amount in a midrange
rather than 1 unit. The advantage is that a win followed by a
loss, will produce a profit. So will a loss followed by a win. If you
start with 1 unit and don't reduce your bet after you win, a loss
followed by a win will break even instead of gaining 1 unit. That's
why, it's advantageous to start with say 10 or 20 units, a parameter
you can change in the spreadsheet. Then you can move to either
direction on a loss or on a win.
Now, to see how it works, we’ll take a look at some example.
We’ll also assume that our betting unit is $5. So, if you have to play
20 units, it’s 20 X $5 = $100.
As you already know, everybody can achieve a 50% winning rates over the long run. Even if you make your selection by flipping a coin, you’ll reach a 50% winning rate on the long run. THIS IS A FACT.
The system use a very simple progression that is after a loss, you go up 3 units and after a win, you go down 2 units. Simple as that. As soon as you are over in your bankroll, you stop the session and you start another one.
It’s just like the stock exchange. You buy something, you watch the price fluctuate and you sell when you can make a profit.
For every example, we’ll assume that the odds are always 1.93 (-107).
Day Units W/L Profit Tot. Profit
1 20 L -100 -100
2 23 W +106.95 +6.95
You end the session with a profit of $6.95. This is with a 50% winning rate (1-1). With flat betting you would have been down.
Day Units W/L Profit Tot. Profit
2 23 L -115 -215
4 29 W +134.85 -210.15
8 26 L -130 -205.45
11 30 W +139.50 -62.15
14 29 W +134.85 +76.85
End of the session. You end with a winning rate of 50% and a profit of
With flat betting $100 a game, you would be down by -$49.
Now, here’s a simulation of a bad streak.
1 20 L -100 -100
3 26 L -130 -345
5 27 L -135 -345.15
6 30 W +139.50 -205.65
7 28 W +130.20 -75.45
9 29 L -145 -350.45
10 32 W +148.80 -201.65
12 28 L -140 -202.15
13 31 W +144.15 -58
That’s it for this system. As you can see, it’s very easy to apply and it works very well. You can also assign to the unit the value you feel
comfortable to play with. You can start with $0.50 or $100 and more. It’s up to you.
Good luck with this system !

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