The System – 3 TIPSTERS

involves using the daily selections from the following 3 tipsters:
Racing Post – Newmarket
Sun – Tempelgate
Times – Rob Wright
My theory behind this is that individually, each tipster has a strike rate of about 25%. By combining these 3 tipsters and only betting on the horses that they all tip, gives ‘quality’. Therefore, you only bet on races where the horse is tipped by all 3 tipsters. BUT, it doesn’t stop there. The tipsters strike rates will include Odds-on favourites, so I avoid these. Also some horses that are tipped by all 3 tipsters, for some reason or other, drift in the market.
Therefore, I only backed a horse to win if: -
1. All 3 tipsters tipped the same horse.
2. SP was greater than or equal to 2.25.
3. SP was less than or equal to 5.00.
4. 5 to 19 incl. runners in a race.
5. Bets were placed before the race started.
I placed £5 to win bets for SP of 3.00 and above, and £10 to win bets for SP up to 3.00.
During the Period of Running: -
1. I placed bets on 287 races.
2. There were 111 winners.
3. Strike Rate was 38.6%.
4. Max. Losing Run was 13 races.
5. Of my £100 ‘pot’, only £85 was the max. ever used. (Max. Outlay)
6. Total Staked during Period of Running was £2,010.
7. Total Gross return during Period of Running was £2,477.
8. Net Return was £467.
Whilst the Net return equated to 549% (Net Return [£467]/Max. Outlay [£85]), you can see that unless I was prepared to increase the stake sizes and take the plunge and actually trade, the system was a lot of work for a small monetary return.
I had run a similar system in tandem with the above whereby the Odds range was narrowed to 2.50 to 3.25 incl., and this system returned a Net profit of 825% over 128 races with 62 winners (strike rate 48.4%), but was only found after all the data I was collecting was analized .... the wonders of hind-sight!!
Basically, the system was 'selective betting', because certain criteria had to be met before a stake was made.

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