The Ten Match Trebles Bet

Ask any bookmaker how many trebles there are in ten selections. And you will be told 120 bets. My way covers ten selections, win trebles but we stake only 45 bets, a huge difference. Choose your ten teams for your trebles - Example

A. Man Utd perm two of A B C and D, with E, F or G
B. Arsenal = 6 times 3 = 18 trebles
C. Newcastle perm two of E F and G with H, I or J
D. Liverpool. = 3 times 3 = 9 trebles
E. Aston Villa Perm two of H, I and J with A, B, C or D = 3 times 4 = 12 trebles
F Leeds Perm three of A, B, C and D = 4 trebles
G. Chelsea Perm E F and G = 1 treble
H. Spurs Perm H I and J = 1 treble
I. Everton
J. Sunderland Total trebles staked = 45 bets
Note. Simply write A B C etc clearly next to your chosen selections
And write the instructions in the same way as above, you can write the instructions anywhere on your betting slip, they do not have to be in line or anything like that. If you can find just four winners from your ten selections, you are certain to have at least one winning treble, and possibly more depending on how they line up. For example using £1 units this bet would cost £45. If we find just one winning treble at 6/4, 3/1, and 7/2, a £1 treble returns our full £45 stake!

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