Tennis Betting Secrets

There will be other bookmakers that you might have to sign-up to but that will be discussed in a later chapter. Well you are now done the first step……. Let’s get another step closer to your money…..

Set Your Starting Bank
Your starting bank can be any amount you like! But for this example, I highly recommend that you have at least $100 or units so you can make your winning significant and spread them among the main betting accounts I have identified above.

Spread your starting bank
The system calls to bet 30% of the starting bank on each wager so I recommend you spread your starting bank among a few bookmarkers or have the money readably available to add into the account.

The System

Bet on what?
• Only bet on woman’s Tennis
The reason why I say only woman’s tennis is because women are more predictable and was proven in my back testing. I have tried it with men but the results aren’t as great.
• Bet on the Favorites
Only place bets when the odds are <= 1.4 When to bet? • Bet when you find and odd that is >5% from the total average bookmarker odds
For Example: if the average odds of many bookmarkers for one particular tennis match is 1.3, you multiply it by 5% or 1.05 (1.3x1.05) and you will come up with 1.365…… only place a bet if you have at least 1.365 available to back (the more higher the better)

Extras - • Double your bets when you double your starting bank amount

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