Consider 6 Runner or less Handicap races only.

1st Rule Must be Top 3 most consistent horse.
2nd Rule Top 3 Official Rating
3rd Rule Top 3 on Postmark
4th Rule Top 3 on Topspeed Adjusted Or Latest.
5th Rule runner must have had a recent run

Only bet when 1 horse fits all above criteria.

Also if you only back 1st/2nd last time out then you will get more winners, from the small amount that were analysed also horses with recent win or 2nd form are more likely to win than a horse that has finished 6th lto for example.

The reasons why I think that you have the odds in your favour are the fact that in a six runner or less field you have only got to beat five or less other horses. Someone ran an example of purely betting favourites and in six or less runner field and the percentage win ratio was about 50%, hardly suprising given the small amount of runners.

The fact that you are only considering horses that are consitent is a good thing, by consistent I mean simply add up last three form figures, ie 121=4 051=11 222=6. Replace 0 with 5, ignore F on jumps but count P/R/U as 5. And pick three horses with lowest figure.

Top 3 on PostMark in Racing Post means that you are betting horses that are the best handicapped horses in the race.

Top 3 TopSpeed ensures you are concentrating on the best three horses on the clock.

Top 3 OR means you are looking at the best three horses in the handicap.

So there you have it you are concentrating on small field, looking at the best 50% handicapped horses, the fastest 50% of horses, the 50% most consistent horses and 50% of the best horses according to the Official Handicapper, who very rarely makes a mistake as they spend sometimes a day deliberating what mark to allocate a horse.

Of course you can slacken the rules to get more bets, you can tighten the rules to get fewer bets, for example only concentrating on the top 2 rated in each will give fewer bets but probably more winners, the choice is yours.

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