12th October 2000 4.45pm Newmarket
Racing Post Betting Forecast:
5 Seren Hill,13-2 Flossy,7 Helen's Day,
Kuster,8 Sharp Stepper,Mardani,14 Bar...

First of all you mark the races which have
4 or more horses which have won at least
once in their last 3 races.Then you use
the first 4 in the betting forecast which
have won at least once in their last 3 runs
So for the above we have:

1.Seren Hill 891
2.Flossy 331
3.Helens Day 101
4.Sharp Stepper 214

I have followed the horses name by the
horses last three races placing.Now we
need to rate them on 11 different factors
using the Racing Post or the Betting Boards
which are the same.These are the 11 factors:

1.Postmark Ratings
2.Weight(+/-) since last win.
3.Wins in last 3 races.
4.Last win number of lengths from 2nd.
5.Prize Money last win.
6.Class of race latest win.
7.Ground on latest win.
8.No. of runners latest win.
9.Jockey Position in the tables(All Venues)
10.C&D perfomance
11.No. of days since last run.

So I will be giveing the factors on the
horses respectively.

1.Seren Hill 2.Flossy 3.Helen's Day
4.Sharp Stepper.

1(Postmark Ratings)

1.(118) 2.(114) 3.(110) 4.(108)

2(Weight +/- since latest win)

1. (-4) 2. (+5) 3. (+2) 4. (-2)

3(Wins in last 3 races)

1.(1) 2.(1) 3.(2) 4.(1)

4(Last win no. of lengths from 2nd)

1.(2 1/2) 2.(1/2) 3.(2 1/2) 4.(1/2)

5(Prize Money of latest race win)

1.(£7105) 2.(£9626) 3.(£6661) 4.(£18525)

6(Class of latest win)

1.(C) 2.(B) 3.(C) 4.(C)

7(Ground on latest win)

1.(Soft) 2.(Good/Soft) 3.(Soft) 4.Good

8(No. of runners latest win)

1.(14) 2.(18) 3.(9) 4.(12)

9(Jockey position in tables)

1.(1st) 2.(11th) 3.(10th) 4.(27th)

10(C&D perfomance)

1.(D) 2.(C&D) 3.(D) 4.(D)

11(No. of days since last run)

1.(7) 2.(16) 3.(26) 4.(16)

Now we have our 11 factors we need to put
them in 11 ranking tables from 1st to fourth.

(Postmark Ratings)
1st Seren Hill
j2nd Flossy
j2nd Helens Day
4th Sharp Stepper

1st Seren Hill
2nd Sharp Stepper
3rd Helens Day
4th Flossy

(Recent Winning Ability)
1st Helen's Day
j2nd Flossy
j2nd Seren Hill
j2nd Sharp Stepper

(No. of lengths)
j1st Seren Hill
j1st Helen's Day
j3rd Flossy
j3rd Sharp Stepper

(Prize Money latest win)
1st Sharp Stepper
2nd Flossy
3rd Seren Hill
4th Helen's Day

(Class of latest win)
1st Flossy
j2nd Seren Hill
j2nd Helen's Day
j2nd Sharp Stepper

(Ground Latest Win)
j1st Seren Hill
j1st Helen's Day
3rd Flossy
4th Sharp Stepper

(No. of runners latest win)
1st Flossy
2nd Seren Hill
3rd Sharp Stepper
4th Helen's Day

(Jockey Performance)
1st Seren Hill
2nd Helen's Day
3rd Flossy
4th Sharp Stepper

(C&D Ability)
1st Flossy
j2nd Seren Hill
j2nd Sharp Stepper
j2nd Helen's Day

(No of days since last run)
1st Seren Hill
j2nd Flossy
j2nd Sharp Stepper
4th Helen's Day

Now we have the tables we need to find
the average place of all 4 horses in all
the ranking tables.This is done by writing
out the places and adding them and divideing
by 11.Here are the placings in respective
order from the tables:

1. Seren Hill 1 1 2 1 3 2 1 2 1 2 1

2. Flossy 2 4 2 3 2 1 3 1 3 1 2

3. Helen's Day 2 3 1 1 4 2 1 4 2 2 4

4. Sharp Stepper 4 2 2 3 1 2 4 3 4 2 2

Now we can find the figure averages;

Seren Hill=(1+1+2+1+3+2+1+2+1+2+1)/11
= 17/11 = 1.54

= 24/11 = 2.18

Helen's Day=(2+3+1+1+4+2+1+4+2+2+4)
= 26/11 = 2.36

Sharp Stepper=(4+2+2+3+1+2+4+3+4+2+2)
= 29/11 = 2.63

Now we can put the figure averages in a
table 1st(lowest figure) to 4th (largest

1st Seren Hill(1.54)
2nd Flossy(2.18)
3rd Helen's Day(2.36)
4th Sharp Stepper(2.63)

So Seren Hill is the top rated with Flossy
2nd, Helen's Day 3rd and Sharp Stepper 4th.

Now to be a secret system bet it needs
to be:

1.1st in the figure average table.

2.Be 1st in five or more of the 11 factor
ranking tables.

Seren Hill was a system bet as it was top
in the figure average table and 1st in 6
of the 11 factor

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