Every Week that Both Arsenal and Manchester United are playing, place 1 unit Double on both Thierry Henry and Ruud Van Nistelrooy to score first goal. (Obviously if they play each other, there is no bet)

The Logic behind this is that since the Premiership began, these 2 teams have been the dominant force in the Premiership. It’s also fact that over the past 2/3 seasons, Both Henry and Van Nistelrooy have been at the very top of the goalscoring charts with between 25 and 30 league goals each. It therefore stands to reason that due to the sheer number of chances created by both Man United and Arsenal, their strikers will score a lot of goals. It is therefore assumed that a lot of the time, these two will score the first goal in a game, simply due to the chances that come their way.

As the average odds for each of these to score first is around 5/2, it means the double pays out around 12/1.

Check the top goalscoring list regularly. Try top goalscorers from other leagues. A lucky 15 including the Top goalscorer from each of the leagues would pay out well and by using certain Bookmakers would be paid at triple the odds if only one scored.

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