Tricks the bookmakers use to get you to spend more money

Although there are more opportunities these day to bet from home on the Internet, the High Street betting shop is still a major source of the big bookmaker chain's income. When you go into a betting shop it is the owner's objective to relieve you of as much money as possible - and they have many tricks up their sleeves to do that. Here are a few to be aware of. The knowledge of what you are up against should help to keep your profits higher.
Profit is the name of the game as far as Betting Shops are concerned. Their aim is to make as much money as possible and to do this they need the punters to spend. You should find all you need to spend time comfortably in a Betting Shop including sustenance by way of food and drink. If you need to leave the shop to buy food and drink then you might not come back, so it is far better to sell it to you on the premises. Keep you in and keep you interested is the name of the game.
Newspapers will be displayed where you can easily access them with the tipsters boxes probably highlighted. The top tips are usually short priced favourites which is what the Bookmaker wants you to bet on. Favourites lose around 60% of their races so if they do win their prices will be small as will the payouts. The Bookmakers' profit will of course be high. The low prices of the favourites mean that more punters will bet on them to win rather than each way. Again this is to the Bookmakers advantage as win bets are more profitable than either way bets.
Many of the sporting events are shown on televisions in the shops, it is more thrilling to bet on a race and to see the result unfold in front of you. Not only you can bet on horse races, the Greyhounds are also very popular now. These races normally start earlier and finish later that Horseracing and you will probably find that in between horse races there is a Greyhound race being run. This way you will have plenty of opportunities to place your bets on whatever you fancy and when you are collecting your winnings at the end of your day you will also have a chance to have a flutter on the Greyhound Racing before you leave.
Like all trained sales staff, the staff in the Betting shop will try and tempt you to switch to bets that are more profitable for the Bookmaker. Examples are often shown on the whiteboards, these more often than not are the type of bet which will give the Bookmaker a larger profit. Special offers, bets advertised with bonuses and vouchers on major race days are all designed to keep your interest and to encourage you to come back and of course spend more money!
Placing a bet is simplicity itself if you choose a slip for the most profitable bets. These are usually very colourful with clear instructions printed on them. If you want on the other hand to place a bet that is more profitable for you then you will probably have to use a blank slip with no instructions whatsover printed on it! A Clever idea to enhance the Bookmakers profit. How many people would rather fill in an easy to follow betting slip than try and figure out a blank one without asking for help.
As you will have gathered everything is geared up with profit in mind. Free competitions with the customer selecting one horse each day, the winner being the one with theoretically the most money by the end of the week are common place. To have a chance to win you must place a bet every day in the shop, once you are in you are more than likely to place a bet.
Greyhound cards will be near the counter where you place your bets. This way you won’t have to go too far when the hare is running and a race is about to start. Main meetings of the day are usually placed opposite the television screens so that you can see the prices then turn round and the race card is directly visible opposite you.
Finally Betting Shops will allow you to collect your winnings before the weigh-in after the race. This ensures that you will have your winnings in time to place a bet on the next race. If the result is amended then the money quickly re-bet will far outweigh any monies lost on the amendment. All are carefully thought out hard sell tactics designed to encourage you to part with your cash.

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