Windfall Flat Racing System

Sometimes, rightly or not, we use the term 'classic' to describe the system we are presenting. Well, we are starting off this month with a system idea that is certainly entitled to be called 'classic', because it is based on the five classic races; and as the beginning of next month sees the running of the first two classics of the season, now seems to be the right time to give it an airing. From fifty years ago I can remember a racing and football weekly paper called The Winner which published some very good systems. They also occasionally published books of systems, and it is from one of these books that this idea comes. I have the book, but at this very moment can't lay my hands on it. However, it is very easy to remember the simple, basic idea of the system. You back the un-named favourite in each of the five classics with an increasing stake, and stopping at a winner. That's it. As far as I can remember, the staking was 5, 5, 10, 10, and 15 points. I've had a look back over a number of years chosen at random to check it, and it's done quite well. However, the trouble is that a losing year with no favourite winning would result in the considerable loss of 45 points. Now, a racing puzzle that may exercise the little grey cells for a minute or less. At certain times of the year Highlander likes to back 4 year-olds against 3 year-olds. It was that time of the year and it was certainly a suitable race for it consisted of only four runners, two of them 4 year-olds, and two of them 3 year-olds. So, Highlander backed the two 4 year-olds to be 1st and 2nd in a reverse forecast. For various reasons, Highlander wasn't able to hear the result of the race, but a friend assured him that the 3 year-olds were definitely not 1st and 2nd. That left Highlander wondering what was the probability now of his reverse forecast being a winner. Can you help him? I've talked before about my days in teaching, but I'm very glad to be out of the classroom now, especially with all the newspaper talk of today's violence in schools. Thinking along those lines reminded me of an incident that made me smile at the time, and can still raise a chuckle. This particular boy, who was not actually in my class, was quite un-remarkable except for one thing which made him known throughout the School. He suffered from severe B.O. Despite friendly advice from pupils and teachers alike our smelly boy continued to pong, till at last one day it was so bad that he was sent home from his P.E. class with a note to his mother explaining the problem and asking for something to be done about it. I knew nothing at all about what was happening because I was in conference with the Headmaster at the time; he likewise was quite un-prepared for what was about to happen. Suddenly, the door of his office was thrown open and in burst this fearsome, big woman, bleary of eye and reeking of alcohol. "How dare you send ma boy home!" she shouted. "He comes to school to be learnt, not to be smelt. He's not a fucking geranium!" Having delivered herself of this truism, the idea of flowers had obviously entered her befuddled mind, for she suddenly noticed the vase on the headmaster's desk. She picked it up and emptied the entire floral contents over his head. Then, with a stagger she was gone. The headmaster took it all in his stride and was laughing as he mopped himself dry. I felt I could risk a titter or two myself. And as far as I can recall, the smelly boy remained rather ripe till the day he left school, and indeed may still be polluting the atmosphere and causing havoc to the ozone layer to this day. Time now for the serious matter of our system for this month, the Windfall Flat Racing System. What can we say about it? It's very simple and straightforward; it’s all ready to start from the beginning of next month; and it's very selective in the number of horses you'll be backing. One last thing. I've seen exactly the same rules sold as a system under various other names over the years. That in itself must be some indication of its merits. So, let's hope that a Windfall is indeed what we'll be getting. The Windfall Flat Racing System operates from 1st May through to 31st October. Selections will be found from the Racing Post daily paper. Claiming races are the only races considered by the Windfall Flat Racing System. The only horses to consider are those that are forecast favourite in the Racing Post betting forecast. To become a Windfall selection the horse must be: -
1. Top rated on Topspeed ratings. 2. Must have finished in first three last time out, which must be a race in the current season. 3. The betting forecast price must be in the range of 1/2 to 5/1 inclusive. Any shorter than 1/2 no bet, and any higher than 5/1 no bet. Staking Plan. Use a starting bank of 10 points and back to level stakes using one tenth of the bank. Always stake one tenth of the bank at its highest level. Do not decrease stakes if the bank falls below the highest point. E.g. If the bank increases from £100 to £150, the bet is one tenth of £150 which is £15. If the bank falls below £150 remain on £15 stake until £150 is surpassed. Stakes will then increase to one tenth of the new bank.

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