THE WINNING OUTSIDER SYSTEM can be operated either from the Bookmakers or, if you prefer, just as well from the comfort of your own armchair. All that you will need is a television, with Teletext facility, a telephone and a credit/debit account at one of the major bookmakers. The strategy that we are going to adopt with this method is to choose Handicap races, both Flat & National Hunt Chases are acceptable - but NOT National Hunt Hurdles. Each qualifying race must be limited to between 4 to 8 runners. If you are operating at the bookies simply watch the board for the latest prices. If you are at home call up page 380 on BBC Ceefax or 570 on C4 Teletext for the Horse Racing Index and then call up the page of the latest show for your selected race. Once you have the latest prices on show our selection will be the outsider, yes that's quite right, the outsider! There is, you will be pleased to hear, a logical reason behind this, which I will now explain....
In small fields, no matter what the quality of the field is, regardless of whether or not it is a Flat race or "over the sticks", you will, with alarming frequency, get a falsely run race, with the end result being a three mile chase turns out to be a five furlong sprint! And you can get some amazingly priced animals "trotting up".
Well, you now have the means to be on them ! I have checked back over many years and THE WINNING OUTSIDER SYSTEM works equally well on the Flat as it does over fences, with the exception being Hurdles races, the reason for this is a peculiarity which is unique to hurdles. Very few Handicap Hurdle races have less than 9 runners! Those that are less than 9 usually turn out to have just 4 or 5 runners and the prices are all pretty low, there rarely is a true "outsider" in these races and so they are best left completely alone. The statistics that I have based this system on certainly do not warrant the inclusion of Handicap Hurdle races, and anyway, it works perfectly well without them.
STAKING ADVICE. - Because of the odds that we can expect with a winner from this system, you need only raise your bet occasionally when the circumstances dictate, and then simply as a means to cover your losses.
Example 1 (This is allowing for a longish losing sequence)
Odds £5 per point
10-1 L Stake 1 point £5.00
12-1 L Stake 1 point £5.00
8-1 L Stake 1 point £5.00
16-1 L Stake 1 point £5.00
10-1 L Stake 1 point £5.00
14-1 L Stake 1 point £5.00
Increase stake to 2 points to cover our losses. 6-1 W Stake 2 points £10.00. Win £60,00 - £30.00 = £30.00 profit.
It will work perfectly adequately using this staking method, but do feel at liberty to implement your own favourite staking plan. The advantage of using this one though is that it is safe, you will not drain your betting bank as you would if, for example, you simply doubled the stake after each bet. But before you entertain such an idea ask yourself whether or not you would be capable of putting £400 on the 20-1 outsider of six. The chances are that you wouad bottle out, and then imagine how sick you would feel when it bolted in - this would happen at some stage, unless, that is, you have nerves of steel. The above staking plan is simple, but it is very, very effective. I do urge you to use it until you have proved to yourself just how incredibly successful THE WINNING OUTSIDER SYSTEM is.
FURTHER ADVICE. - If you are at the point where you are about to increase your stake in order to cover your losses, delay placing your bet until the last possible moment, because the price of the outsider does tend to drift out just before the off. You may have the situation where the outsider is 12-1 and you are in the position where you are going to have to increase the stake to cover your losses, if you wait a little while you may find that the horse drifts out to 20-1, thereby eliminating the need to increase your stake.
When there are two horses tied as outsiders, then back them both, the odds will permit this. If there are more than 2 tied as outsider, which is very uncommon, so uncommon in fact that it is hardly worth mentioning, but I do attempt to cover every eventuality, in such an event NO BET.
25-1 or over, halve your stake.
33-1 or over, NO BET. 33-1 winners in small fields are as rare as hen's teeth.
That is all there is to it, I have been using this system on a regular basis for ten years and yet it never fails to amaze me how consistent it is in providing me with big priced winners.

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