Yankee Gold

The Yankee Gold is a very simple plan but it can win a lot of money from horse racing. A notebook and your normal daily paper are required. Make a note of the trainer that wins each race (when using the system for the first time it is best to start on Monday). When you find a trainer that has two winners in one day or two winners in two days (days must be consecutive i.e. Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday etc) that is the system trainer and you back his next three runners only. Providing they comply with the following conditions.
1. Must have won a race in the current season.
2. If in a handicap there must not be more than 12 runners.
3. If in a non-handicap there must not be more than 15 runnners.
4. Do not bet in Selling races.
5. Do not bet in any race with less than 4 runners and don't bet if the system selection is quoted at odds-on in your paper. In handicaps don't bet on horses carrying a penalty larger than 3lbs.
NOTE: System Banker Bets are horses that comply with the above rules and that were either 1st or 2nd last time out and are quoted favourite in your paper's betting forecast.
STAKE: Level stakes, or back the three horses using 1,2,3 points stop-at-a-winner. Back each horse to win you a fixed sum plus previous losing stake.

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