For ease of calculation, arbitrage odds are usually written in European form, as a decimal rather than a fraction. To convert between the two is very easy; simply divide top by bottom and add one:


So 2/1 becomes two divided by one (which is just two) plus one, making the European odds for 2/1 ‘3’. In simple terms, European odds just express ‘what you end up with’. 2/1 means that for every one pound bet you win a further two, the European ‘3’ means that if you win, you’ll have three times as much as you started with (as, if you bet one pound, you would have two pounds in winnings plus your original pound).
With this in mind, let’s describe a fictional arbitrage bet. Imagine Federer plays Nadal at tennis.
‘William Hill’ believe Nadal to be the favourite, and offer:
Federer to win 2.50 (6/4) – Nadal to win – 1.50 (1/2)
‘Betfair’, one of William Hill’s rivals, also believes Nadal will win- but thinks that Federer has a better chance than otherwise advertised, so offer:
Federer to win 2.00 (Evens) – Nadal to Win 1.8 (4/5)
These odds are different enough that we can place an arbitrage bet and be sure of a win no matter which player is the victor.
To calculate how much we would need to bet to win a certain amount using European odds, just use the following:


So, to win £100 on the match if Federer wins from Milliam Hill needs…
100/2.50 = £40 required stake.
But to win £100 from Getfair if Nadal wins only needs…
100/1.8 = £55.56 (rounding up the reoccurring 5)
This means we can win a guaranteed a one hundred pound win if we strategically bet just (£40+£55.56)=£95.96, making a profit of £4.44 no matter who wins!
If the maths seemed complicated, don’t worry! It’s really very simple, and in the next section I’ll be showing you a 5 step process for finding and checking an arbitrage opportunity. Even if this is still too time consuming, later in the book I’ll show you some services which can do the maths for you, automating the whole system and radically boosting your earning potential.
Imagine finding ten or fifteen of these opportunities per session- bets where you are literally unable to lose. The chances to earn are plentiful, and how much you make depends only on how much time you have to put into it. With just a few hours per night you could easily find yourself making thousands of pounds per year. In fact, even if you only chose to place one such bet per day you would make £1825 per year! With 10, 11 or more on a daily basis, how much you chose to earn is virtually limitless! What I’ve just shown you is the foundation of the system. It’s called arbitrage betting, though it’s sometimes also refered to as ‘arping’, ‘arbing’, ‘miraclebetting’ or ‘superbetting’. From now on I will use these names interchangeably. If you understood the maths of the system then you will already recognise the huge earning potential from arbitrage betting, and are almost ready to start boosting your income! If not, do not be alarmed! There are ways to automate the searching process. These systems make arping so easy that literally anyone can do it!

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