No matter what anybody tells you, finding arbitrage betting opportunities is neither difficult nor time consuming. World Cup Final, and to show how easy it is, I decided to see if it was possible to find an arb in the fifteen minute break at half time! Unsurprisingly, I found one- and it had a really great margin! Here’s how to manually find an arbitrage investment opportunity, step by step.
1. Pick two bookies
It doesn’t matter who you choose- you’re looking for discrepancies and it’s just a case of finding the right combination of bookies to provide an arp chance. I’m just going to call the bookies I chose A and B.
2. Convert odds into the European format.
If you’re unsure as to how to do this, just check the previous chapter, where I explain the simple maths behind this.
I got bookie A with:
Spain – 1.57
Holland – 2.5
… and bookie B at:
Spain – 2.42
Holland – 5.2
The different in odds is huge for Holland between both bookies, which means our margin will be huge! My theory is that because bookie B is a gambling exchange where users bet against each other, the odds are more susceptible to media influence (people laying bets aren’t professional bookmakers). In this case, the first half had been lacklustre for Holland, and the psychic octopus had predicted a Spanish win, which might explain why the Dutch team were so undervalued at the time.
3. Work out the stake required to win £100.
Again, the previous chapter told you the formula. Work out the required stake for each team with each bookmaker, by dividing £100 by the team’s odds, like so:
A: Spain – 1.57 – so £63.70 needed to win £100.
Holland – 2.5 – so a need £40 needed.
B: Spain – 2.42 – so £41.32
Holland – 5.2 – needing just £19.23.
4. Add up opposing bets to see if arbitrage will work.
In this case, there’s a great margin because B undervalue Holland so much! Placing Spain as winner with either bookie generates a profit, as we win £100 either way, but bet either (63.70+19.23) = £82.98, or (40+41.32) = 81.32, earning either £17.07 or £18.68 respectively.
5. Compare margins to decide which way to bet.
We’re now just choosing how much to win! There’s no risk, as no matter who wins the world cup we make a profit. In this case it’s better to bet on Holland with A and Spain with B, as this generates the £18.68, which is the better profit of the two.
It really is that easy! I’ve explained the system in some depth here, but I managed to follow all five steps within 10 minutes at half time, returning to the match in time for some more analysis (and an advert) before watching the rest of the game knowing I couldn’t lose.
As you’ve seen, a two outcome bet is very easy to arp (I was betting on winner of the tournament rather than match, as this has the fewest outcomes- the teams can’t draw). Hopefully you’re starting to get a handle on arbitrage betting by now, and are starting to see how with some basic calculator work you too can start placing bets that you can’t lose!
Now it’s time for the exciting bit! The system is not only a great way of generating a steady income stream over the course of a few months or yearsit can also generate you a huge amount of money in a very short space of time at first!

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