This is a simple system you can use on a daily basis and shows a level stake profit every year.

System Rules
Look at the top black spot in every race of the day;
The Sun – Sunratings
The Mirror – Spotform
The Mail – Formcast
(You may use any newspaper of your choice)
Now find the horse that has the biggest difference between the top rated blackspot horse and second rated Blackspot. If this horse is forecast favourite in the betting and under 3/1 in the betting forecast in your daily paper we have a bet. The horse must fit both rules otherwise we have a no bet day. There must be at least two runners with a form rating for the race to qualify. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this system I have personally used it for the past 4 years and it has always shown me a profit. I personally use the Daily Mail as I find their Formcast Ratings very accurate. Try it for a week or two without using real money and I am sure you will see the potential. Finally as I tell all my clients please only use money that you have set aside for the purpose of backing horses. Set aside a betting bank and when this doubles you double your stakes. Making a profit from betting on horses is a long-term process so please be patient.

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