Betting Game – Who’s the Winner

Odds: a ratio that shows you the likelihood of an event occurring rather than it not occurring. You will need
􀂃 2 sets of cards (page 2). Set A for the bookie and set B for the students to play the game with. These can be laminated but it works just as well with paper.
􀂃 Hat or similar to pull cards out of.
􀂃 Some kind of currency for the students to play with – for example, Haribo sweets. The object of the game is to win sweets / score points / whatever reward.
Suggested method
Spread one set of cards face down on desk - students pick a card each for the first game. Encourage the students to discuss what the odds mean. Do some examples of bets with the students and discuss what they would pay out, what is a good bet, etc. Students decide
how much they want to ‘bet’ on their horse.
A horse’s name is pulled out of the hat by the bookie (teacher to begin with). Horse outof-the-hat wins. The winner has to work out the pay out.
Ask other students to volunteer the value of the pay out if the winner is not confident.
If the students are enjoying the game and feel confident they could choose a bookie from the group, perhaps the one with the most winnings.
Sample lesson plan
1. Warm up – shape challenge (10 mins)
2. Shape worksheets from BBC Skillswise (20 min)
3. Look at copies of Racing Post. Find ratios and talk about what they mean (10 min)
4. Betting game – explain the rules, dish out the sweets, write names of horses on the board, discuss what the odds mean (5/10 min)
5. Play the game – pull out winners and 2nd place from the ‘hat’. Students to work out what they will win back. Winner (most sweets or points at the end of the games) wins a box of Malteasers (20 min).
6. Skillswise ratio fact sheets
7. Skillswise ratio work sheets
8. Practice L1 & L2 questions on ratio (available at )
9. Update ILPs (5 min)
Willy Wonka 10:1
Mutant 20:1
Hardcore MC 8:1
50 pence 9:1
Milky Bar Kid 6:1
Rockabilly 7:1
Azbo 5:1
Brides Nightie 2:1
Gringo 4:1
Libertine 3:1
Tilly Mint 25:1
Up Sticks 50:1

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