Betting In A Winning Style

I have been making a lot of money by this simple method. I have even made $2000 from a $30 bet
Basically in this short e-book, by following my simple instructions you will be able to make some nice profit by betting. If you can’t afford to lose then this is not for you. This is a proven method and there have been times that I have won but I have also lost. The main idea is that I have won more times that I lost so you will be in profit.
Before We Start
You must understand that football is a sport played by humans so with this I want to warn you that matches are “fixed” regularly (for those who don’t understand meaning of fixed , matches when big teams like Man UTD or Barcelona lose against small teams homeside because they sell the match for $$$). Rule number one is never ever bet for the team you support and any team which has the coefficient under 1.5 (most of the fixed matches are the ones which are secure matches)

Explaining Why Football Betting is a Black Business
Football Betting is called a black business because of the fixed matches! Every single week a match or two are always fixed. The biggest betting companies, check regularly which matches to fix. Lets get the following example
Ac Milan played against Atalanta the previous week. As you know Ac Milan is really a strong team especially when they play homeside. The coefficient of AC Milan’s win was 1.35 which means if you would bet $100 you would get $135. Now the big bosses around the world which play huge amounts of money are always looking for secure matches like Milan or other strong teams. So they bet like $10,000 or $100,000 for AC Milan to win $13,500 or $135,000. Now imagine how many players worldwide bet for Milan win against Atalanta! There might be over $20 million dollars bets in all the huge betting companies around the world. So the staff of the betting companies make a small calculation. If Milan will win against Atalanta, they will have big losses as almost everyone bet for Milan. In this case, they contact “someone” from AC Milan and they offer them lets say $5 million to let the match. In this case the Betting Companies profit $15 million immediately so they don’t have to pay anyone after the match. Now you will say that’s something impossible BUT don’t forget that most of the biggest teams in Europe have as their sponsors a betting company (you can see that on their shirts)
How To Bet & Have a Chance To Win
If you love betting and you also like to win , never ever bet for a fixed result (1 x 2). Almost all the time they are fixed so you better try to find another way of betting and that’s the way I have experimented and earnt a lot of money.

That method is
“Goal / No Goal”
Goal / No Goal is an interesting type of bet where you choose whether both teams will score or not. If both of them score , then you win , if one of them scores , you lose.
This is by far the best betting option I have come across and I will explain you how to choose the proper matches which have the highest ration that both teams will score. First of all I have always used for my online betting and I strongly recommend them to you. Im not sure whether any other company has this “Goal / No Goal” so to be sure register at
Choosing The Right Teams
So now that you know what type of betting to play with, its time to know how to pick the proper teams. Below I’m posting some rules that you must take in consideration before picking a team

• Never choose two strong teams (Liverpool vs Arsenal or Real Madrid vs Barcelona)
• Always choose a match when a good team is playing Away (especially AC Milan and Valencia)
• If a team has 2 weeks without conceding a goal , its time to bet for it (so it means both teams will score)
• If there is only a match at night or lunch time , bet for it that both teams will score (usually first matches or last matches always score most goals)
• If a team has a coefficient of 1.3 or below , the probability that the other team will score first is pretty good so you better bet (both teams to score)
• Always check the statistics about the best defense and attack, also top goal scorers and best goalkeepers.
• From my experiments , almost 75 % of the matches which have a coefficient of 1.65 home win is a good match to bet for both teams to score
• Never bet both teams will score in a final or in Champions League
• Both teams will score is mostly used in Cup Games where strong teams play with their reserve teams
• If a team lost inside 0-1 or 0-2 (any team) then the coming week they will surely score a goal away so Both teams will score!

So this are some rules you must follow to pick up the right team. At the moment I am writing this e-book , Bayern Munich vs Bochum is 1 – 1 which means both teams have scored. The fantastic point of this kind of bet is that if the teams score fast (within 15 minutes) you don’t have to wait 90 minutes
Where does Goal / No Goal best works?

I have worked on different championships and at below im listing the top leagues where “both teams to score” perfectly works

1. English Premiere League
2. Spanish Primera Divizion
3. Dutch Eredivisie
4. German Bundesliga
In this championships Goal /No Goal really works great but there are also some particular matches in Italian Serie A or French La Liga you should also follow
How many matches to pick and how to pick them?!
It all depends how much you want to win. Personally I always played with 3 matches (each match from different league) and it worked great. So I also recommend you to work with 3 matches. There are some matches when the coefficient of Both teams to score is more than 2.00. In those cases either one of the team is really weak so the chances for them to score are low BUT I DO recommend you that sometimes those matches are more sure to be won as all the others thing that they away team wont score but in reality the match might be fixed and you win!
Use your logic and never make the mistake of betting more than 3 matches (both team to score). If you lose, don’t lose your hope , in 5 bets , you might lose 2 and win 3 so you will always be in profit.
That’s it for this simple trick that I have been using for a long time my friends! If you need help or tips, you can email me at or send me a PM at Digital Point (0lgi)
Below are some screenshots of my winnings
Have a nice time and enjoy your winnings too

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