Bet on a Single Jockey

Remember: these systems are offered with no guarantees. Test them yourself by 'paper trading' without real stakes before risking any money.

Backing one jockey may seem a bit of a long shot but good profits can be made by supporting a single jockey in the hope that one day they will ride a number of winners at any one meeting. Frankie Dettori famously rode seven winners in one unforgettable afternoon at Ascot. Bookies across the country had their largest single afternoon’s losses. The cumulative odds for the seven winners amounted to over 25,000/1, a long shot maybe but proven possible.
It is not uncommon for one jockey to ride a well-priced set of winners in one meeting. Many punters try the one jockey system but give up after just a few attempts. Like every other system you have to stick with it.
This system needs to be used during the turf flat horse-racing season. In a typical season there will be about 33 Saturdays from March to beginning of November and you would use the system on each Saturday. You have got to decide on your level of stake and only bet what you can comfortably afford to lose. Multiply your level of stake by the number of times you want to try this system out and put aside this sum as your betting bank. Accepting that you may lose should take some of the pressure off operating this system. One big pay out would comfortably put your plan into profit.
Each day look at the two main horse racing meetings of the day and select the top jockey riding there. Then take each of their first six mounts or however many they have and back them in a series of trebles, four, five and six timer accumulators. If the jockey has six mounts this will involve 42 bets. It sounds a lot but on small stakes the total outlay is not that large. If you used 25pence as your base stake the bet will have cost you £10.50 in total. Two meetings are being used so the amount laid out on any one day will be £21.00 If you multiply that by the number of Saturdays in the season (in this case 33) you have an outlay of £693 for that season. This sounds a lot but even on days where your chosen jockey manages a treble your returns should cover a large portion of your bet and will hopefully exceed it!
Top jockeys are selected because they usually have the best rides. Betting needn’t be restricted to Saturdays but what must remain the same is using spare cash and using the system on a consistent basis. There is no doubt that top jockeys often ride a few winners on the same day. Before you try using the system check the horse racing results for a few weeks and you will see the one jockey system can and does work!

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