Claiming Stakes Plan

As the title of the plan suggests, we are backing horses running in claiming stakes only.
The newspaper required to operate this system is the Daily Mirror.
Any system horse will be found in seconds and should be backed to win. To find if we have a system horse just follow these very simple rules:-
1. Look for all the Claiming Stakes races
2. Look at the forecast favourite horse
3. Look to see if this horse is either Strongly Fancied (SF) of Fancied (F)
4. No bet if forecast odds-on
5. Fancied (F) horses must be forecast shorter than 3/1
If a horse fits these 5 rules then it is a system horse.
Yes, it is incredibly simple, but the beauty of it is that it works.
Any system worth following must produce a good level stake profit over a period of time and this certainly does.
For the last 21 months it has given 16 winning months and 5 losing - a level stake profit of +77
IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not back in maiden Claiming races with the words "Claiming Stakes" in the title.
This is an exceptionally simple plan, but very, very effective.

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